west versus east

In week 7, western team versus eastern team in every game. Of course, the superior west probably win most of the games. Unfortunately, lack of parity isn't good for sport leagues. But at least there will be happy western fans. However if the east sweep the west 4-0, that would be a real shocker!

in my opinion...the west has the better teams overall

the 2 best teams in the league are western teams in BC and Saskatchewan

and i think that the West will take 3 out 4 of victories this week...with the only eastern victory being Hamilton over Edmonton

Go East this week (except for Winnipeg).

You are incorrect sir. The East is far worse than the west, EXCEPT for the Bombers.
They will win, catching BC in a lull, and the rest will get hammered, Jesse Lumsden or not.
Sorry all who don’t know the real deal!

BC is getting healthier I think, which means more wins to rack up. Hopefully Floyd will be back this week, and it looks like Pierce will be starting.

I agree the west has the better teams, but for some reason I think this is the Easts week to sweep.

Calgary v Montreal - The Als are always tough at home and Calgary is not great on the road, especially after a short week, as we have seen already this season.

Sask v Argos - For whatever reason the Argos just seem to have the Riders number and even with a back up qb they will be tough on defence.

Wpg v BC - All depends if the BC offense continues to struggle and if the Wpg defense can hold them, if so, Wpgs offense should be able to put enough points on the board.

Hamilton v Edmonton - The TiCats are heading in one direction and the Esks seem to be going in the other.

the BC lions and the Argos played a very tight game in season opener. 24-22, i think the score was.

not to mention the HEALTHY argos layed a BEATDOWN on a healthy stamps team.

so u can rank the argos above the stamps and esks.

Calgary turned around and laid a beatdown on the Argos the very next week.

I'm looking for Montréal to beat Calgary - they just seem like a superior team.

I pick the 'riders to stomp the over-rated Argos.

Bombers and Lions is a tough call. I think I'll go with the Bombers on this one.

Edmonton's inconsistency continues. I think they'll rebound and beat Hamilton - though it won't be easy. Lumsden will humble the leaky Esk defence, but I it won't be enough. Esks by one.

bombers and lions should be a good game... i think the lions will come out on top though because they are at home... both teams have simalar injuies and are arguably the top two teams in the league... should be fun to watch

Bombers over Lions
Montreal edge Calgary
Riders over TO
Edmonton over Hamilton (sorry...)

Go Hamilton!!!!

I'll pick BC and the Eastern teams to win the rest.

i for one hope hamilton wins this, some of there fans believe it or not do need some humbling as they think there team is the best in the league for some reason after one win, but others arnt so cocky, and love and follow there team no matter what. they deserve a good season

all I can say is go Bombers go!!!!!

BC- Win
Both coming off losses and have something to prove, especially Winnipeg. Winnipeg is in better shape offensively but the defense needs to atone for getting shredded by J. Lumsden. If Joe Smith gets rolling then I see a Lion victory otherwise Winnipeg picks up a win. The latter is more likely then the former.

I am looking forward to watching this tonight. One of my best friends on island is a huge Calgary fan and I am a huge Al’s fan so there will be plenty of thrash talking between the 2 of us . The Al’s have me worried right now. The offense seems struck in 1st gear. The o line is a sieve and AC looks very tentative behind there. The running game is practically non existent. Fortunately the Al’s can play very good defense and special teams. Calgary showed a lot a grit against Edmonton but arguably would have lost the game if it wasn’t for some questionable coaching calls by Edmonton in the red zone. I think Mtl gets to Burris early and often and chalk up a win.

Toronto just isn’t very good on offense. If they get QB play of the caliber they did last week the Rider D will spank Toronto something fierce. I think intailly the Toronto D will give Sask some difficulty but they will eventually wear down and get scored on. Riders win.

Hamilton - Edmonton
Two last place teams in their respective division, badly in need of a win. Either team winning puts them in the hunt for a play off spot. Hamilton will want to build on last week success and Edmonton will want to forget would should been a win. This should be a solid and enjoyable match. I think Hamilton can move the ball well against Edmonton and get the win.

A split, perhaps the East is being underrated by some ? The Argos with Bishop and TiCats with more experience will only get stronger as the season progresses.

Wpg. is pretty good, Mtl. seems to have found its stride, and Hamilton and Toronto can only get better, while Calgary and Edmonton (despite winning) seem to be having some troubles.

So will the Lions with a healthier squad.

Winnipeg is good, but Montreal has just as many wins as them. Winnipeg probably is 2-0 Vs the Als this year, but the Als seem to have turned a corner since the last team these 2 teams have met, and is a different and more confident then before.

Should be an interesting game, the next time they meet.