West upper seats

Will the West upper seats be ready for the Saskatchewan game on September 14th ?

would be nice to know

I am told by Rep it will be early next week well be sent a Email .

No and neither will the elevators!

do you have a source for this? or just your opinion?

I hope the upper west side is ready for the game!

I have a very good source!

lol would you care to share who or what that source is?? :lol:

Nope all ill say is its a reliable source that works for the Ti-Cats! #TrustMe

Lets hope the source is wrong

I am thinking Club seats for the 14th and upper west side for the Oct 4th game

That's too bad. Was hoping for our seats to be ready in time for the 14th.

I take my father - 93 this month - and we need those elevators too.

Can anyone tell me - if they were working - what the lineups were like for the elevators on the East side.


elevators were not working.

if the upper west side won't be done for the 14th maybe in time for the game on sept 20th?

Bruce, does your source know whether the elevators, north side patio, club and suite level will be completed for the 14th?

I would contact the team (547-Cats) and ask for their help. They must have some kind of plan in place for those who would have trouble with stairs. :wink:

I was told NO elevators will be ready!

Hey Robofan i guess you will be going to another Mac game if your seats are not ready

CRUD! Bruce I hope your source is wrong.

Well - if the Upper West is not going to be ready - it would be nice to let those of us with tickets over there know ASAP before any of the best remaining seats on the east side get sold - since they still are for sale now on Ticketmaster.

They do NOT show any upper west seats for sale on Ticketmaster FYI which may be a clue that Bruce's source is possibly right.

Thanks for the information. We had seats in Section 26 at IWS and my father was able to use the elevator up to the press box and walk down to our seats.

I took him to the pre-season game at Mac but the stairs were a huge problem.

I'll wait for something official to be announced and talk to an Account Rep.

Thanks again.

My account holder just got the e-mail saying the seats aren't done and we will be relocating. No problem from me.. this way I get to see the field from all different angles :lol: who knows, maybe I might like my trial seats and switch next season! Maybe this is all a big marketing ploy by the cats trying to get us to upgrade :cowboy:

Thanks for the scoop Bruce

Yup - here is the email I just got...

Dear Patrick,

Tim Hortons Field builders Ontario Sports Solutions (ONSS) have informed the Tiger-Cats that while significant progress is being made daily, they cannot guarantee the Club level, Suite level and Upper West section of the facility will be operational for the September 14 and the September 20 games. 

As a result, until we are advised differently, we are working under the assumption that your Upper West side season seats will not be available for use on the 14th or 20th of September. ONSS has stated that the construction process will not move up to complete another level in the stadium until the previous level is complete. For clarity on sequencing, the Upper level seating area will be completed after the Club Seating and Private Suites levels are finished. 

Given the high demand for tickets following the successful debut of Tom Hortons Field on Labour Day, the Tiger-Cats would prefer to relocate season seat holders from displaced sections while the best seats still remain. If you did not take the opportunity to join us against Toronto we encourage you to come and experience Hamilton's tremendous new stadium on the 14th and/or 20th as we're confident it will exceed your expectations. However, staying true with our previously stated policy, all displaced Upper West season seat holders will also have the option of receiving a credit or refund for the full value of your seats.

We ask that all Upper West seat holders looking for replacement seats contact the Tiger-Cats by Wednesday, September 10 at 905-547-CATS (2287).

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and patience as we manage through these unique circumstances this season. If you have any questions regarding your seating location please call our office and speak to a Ticketing representative directly at 905-547-CATS (2287).

if they're going on a level by level basis why did they install all the seats in the upper level? and why aren't the patios completed but the second level of the east stands are completed?

I thought 3 weeks after the labour day game they would easily be able to put up the safety railings needed in the upper west side? maybe the concourses need TONS of work?

At this pace who knows if it will open by october 4th