west to east crossover

Early this season, some people suggested that eastern teams seem stronger and a eastern team might crossover to the west in the playoffs for the first time. Now every western team appears to be stronger than Toronto and Winnipeg. So the traditional west crossover may be possible again. However western teams may prefer to stay in their own division because of Montreal.

And Hamilton.
Hamilton's record is equal to or better than every team in the West

I said from the start of the season all western teams will be in the playoffs this year sticking with it, TO and Bombers will fight for worst record in the league with both Coaches getting the boot and a QB going elsewhere and I think we know who, i'm talking about

Which means very little because if things remain status quo, Hamilton will be hosting the Western crossover team regardless of the records of the respective teams.


Maybe it'll be the Lion's so we can go 3-0 against them :wink:
Nah, just playing. Hoping for a home play-off game this year in Tigertown, i've never been to one.

Every time Montreal beats Toronto and Winnipeg, that increases the probability of a west crossover. Western teams are lucky not to have extra games against Montreal.

Whereas Winnipeg and Toronto are lucky to have a bye-week....

It will be bloody great, the last one I was at featured Paul Osbaldiston kicking a field goal on the last play of the game to beat the Alouettes....