West sweep

Hey guys,

What is your opinion of the Western teams going 4-0 this week against the East (3 of the 4 wins were on the road). Do you think this shows the Western dominance or was it just an anomaly.




Hamilton could easily have taken SK and Montreal is too strong to be written off. Toronto and Winnipeg both look like they should be better but for some reason can't seem to put it together.

It would not surprise me to see the East take all four this week, though I highly doubt it.

I would definitely say the West is stronger this year. BC is probably the best 4th place team in years.

I hate to admit it, the West is dominating. Montreal is dominating the East, and deservedly so. Hamilton is playing the second-best ball in the East, followed by Toronto and surprisingly Winnipeg. However, Hamilton, Toronto and Winnipeg are really no match for the Western teams.

I think it's really hard to judge after three games but I would say as a whole that the West is probably stronger than the East, and I think this holds true for the past few years as well if you look at Grey Cup winners (Sask 07, BC 06, Edm 05).

East could possibly sweep next week, but I would be shocked.

Hamilton could have easily taken sask...are u kidding me....don't get me wrong i like hamilton (they're my second favourite team) and they had a chance of winning but we had our 3rd string QB and no DJ Flick playing....

So i hardly think they could easily have beaten us....next game u start Timmy Chang and sit Toni Miles and we'll see how easy it is.....

Sorry just sick of the Riders getting no respect

Green :lol:

green2thebone > watch who you critique more closely. I'm a huge Rider fan. I'm well aware of who we were missing. The fact is, if we had not gotten that big play from Dressler, it is very possible that we would have lost.

My use of the word easily was not meant to indicate how easy it would be, but rather that the outcome could have been different if just one play was changed. Perhaps that is a phrase you have not heard before.

The close game indicated to me that the Ti-Cats are a good team this year. It's not like the Riders absolutely controlled the entire game and the Ti-Cats got lucky enough to keep it close.

I don't know what happened to my post, but it definitely comes off different than what I intended. Somehow, my statement got cut off. What I said to Green2thebone was that while I share his passion for the Riders, I do not share his view on the game. A one point lead with 1:15 to go in the game and the Riders on the 40ish yard line, to me, says the game was VERY CLOSE, VERY ENTERTAINING, and easily could have gone either way. Thus, it is not a respect thing to make that statement that Hamilton could have beat us, because, quite simply, they could have.

On a similar note, as someone else on this forum pointed out, you are only as strong as your replacements because injuries are inevitable, so using injuries in arguments of who will beat who simply doesn't cut it.

Western dominance over the east is no fluke. For YEARS, western division has won more games than eastern division. If teams have equal number of points, they may not be equally strong since west is stronger than east.

I've been saying that for a while...remember my slogan??? "West is the best" :wink: :wink:

Now, RO1313, close your eyes for a minute.

Thats why you see that Western Cross-over at Playoff time every couple of years.

Okay Ro1313, you can open your eyes now. :lol:

Eric Tillman is coming across as a genius again. Where does he find these players?

The West is definitely stronger right now, but it's a long season, and we'll see how things shake out when the last game is played.

Hamilton could well have beaten the team that is now 3-0 atop the Western Conference, so I don't think the power gap is as wide as in years past.

Actually you had your second-string QB. Crandall is injured, but Jyles could have played, but didn’t because Durant is better and earned the start. And put in DJ Flick and you have to take out Dressler, the guy who set up the winning touchdown. The Cat defence would have been much more mindful of Flick than they were of Dressler.

Besides, using injuries as an excuse is not becoming of a champion. It’s more of a Bomber tactic.

I wouldn't read too much into the BC and Edmonton wins, only because Winnipeg and Toronto are really struggling right now.

But, the Riders and Stamps wins were impressive. Both of those on the road. Riders with a back up qb and the Stamps just haven't been able to win on the road in the past.

But your probably right. I think all four West teams could be beat any of the Eastern teams, any time, anywhere, right now.