West stands....

Drove by the new stadium the other day...looking good!! I've had silvers for many years now and it now looks like I'm gonna have to upgrade to golds. Reason; I love sitting behind the Cats bench (sec 7 IW) and expecting to do the same come next year.
Thing is.... the west stands upper deck looks wayyyy, way too high!!! And to have decent silvers, it will be a trek and a half to my seats. Has anyone else noticed how high the west stands are? You take a look at the east stands upper deck and it looks nice. I get the reasoning behind it..... team bench... private boxes and "the sun." 8)
I think first deck upper golds (west) are my seats of choise next year... Anyone thinking the same?

I've never understood why higher elevation seats are less expensive. The perspective on high, steep grade seating is second to none. You can really see the whole play. If the seats are built steeply, you're on top of the action as opposed to being far away from it. Why are media gondolas in hockey hung from the roof? Because it is the best view.

I think the worst seats in the new stadium will be the 100 level seats in the end zone. I know there aren't end zone seats, I'm talking about the east and west sideline seating that is behind the goal lines. These seats will have shallow perspective burried in the corners. They are twice as expensive as the upper deck seating in the corners! The upper deck seating will only run goal line to goal line.

But hey... so much the better for me. I'm in a position where I really shouldn't buy anything more expensive than the cheapest tier. So I will get upper deck seating in the corner. Likely on the west side.