West Sponsorship

looking at current and recent past sponsorships, they have all been companies that have set up shop in Ontario and QC

why no companies from the West? did they get out bid?

seems weird considering the so called "passion" from the west that there wouldn't be at least 1 major sponsor.

I think you can chalk that up to there historically being much more head offices in Toronto and in the past Montreal.

Although safeway is from out west and does a fair amount of advertisement.

Rona is from MTL.

Scotia Bank headquarters are in Toronto though historically they were in Halifax. Similar to BMO in Toronto and MTL.

is there a limit to the amount of companies the CFL takes on as sponsors though?

Ryan, I don't know the answer to your question pertaining to the CFL but the NFL has approx. 30 corporate sponsors, each team has Team Sponsors and TV/radio broadcasts have their own sponsors in addition to the NFL and Team Sponsors. In 2013 the NFL and Team Sponsors paid over $1.07 Billion, this does not include broadcast rights and Stadium sponsors.

Save that all the commercials on TSN seem to be for Safeway or Humptys during the game.

Rona and Scotia Bank are no longer sponsors of the CFL on TSN, RONA pulled out last year and Scotiabank this year.
Safeway is the biggest one and they are a Western company with no stores in the East. That tells you where the most CFL viewers are.
The CFL still has Wendys and picked up GM, NISSAN, Purlaotor and Moores "the Suit People", but that's it as far as national sponsors.

I'm sure the CFL on TSN would love to have the big beer sponsors like the NFL on CTV

[url=http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/three-tips-companies-looking-replace-scotiabank-rona-cfl-090111308.html]http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-ya ... 11308.html[/url]
Also returning as sponsors for another season are General Motors, Nissan, Purolator, and Safeway. These brands will be featured extensively in-game across TSN’s national broadcasts as sponsors of Coach’s Playbook with Paul LaPolice and Sportscentre’s Game Ball (General Motors), Purolator Tackle Hunger (Purolator), and Touchdown To Win (Safeway).

New this year, Moores joins TSN as a first-time sponsor to bring TSN’s all-new and first-ever CFL fantasy game, the TSN Fantasy Football: CFL Edition presented by Moores.

[url=http://www.broadcastermagazine.com/news/tsn-unveils-sponsors-for-2014-cfl-season/1003129111/?&er=NA]http://www.broadcastermagazine.com/news ... 11/?&er=NA[/url]

I don’t understand 1) why CFL doesn’t have or pursue more sponsors, i.e. beer, liquor, tire mfg, even pizza 2) TV problems for the fans, NFL has CBS, FOX, NBC,ESPN,NFL Network paying $5.225 Billion a year broadcast rights and all work together with NFL. I don’t understand the TSN, Rogers and others that seem to take a negative approach to CFL fans.
I’m not trying to be obnoxious. I just don’t understand, can someone explain for me?
Appreciate it.

A more apt comparison would be how networks in the USA treat the NHL. NBC and NBCSN (who will show the Bruins - Leafs game tonight from the ACC) have all the national NHL games and ESPN has none - and ever since the NHL left ESPN - the NHL coverage on ESPN Sportscenter has all but disappeared and is minimal at best and NHL stories are rarely on the home page of ESPN's website. .

The lack of NHL coverage on ESPN has become a well known joke among hockey fans in the USA. Some believe that would change instantly if the NHL had given the odd game to ESPN.

Change NHL to CFL - and ESPN to Rogers - and you have similar CFL/Rogers relationship to what NHL fans in the USA would claim you see between the NHL and ESPN in the USA.

Who says the CFL hasn't pursued more sponsors? The fact they don't have more than they do means they haven't struck satisfactory deals, not that they don't want to or haven't tried to. It takes a willing buyer and seller to agree on terms.

my apologies, I didn't see safe ways as an sponsor.

anyways we need more from the West. that way when Toronto folds we wont hear the blah blah Toronto is the reason the league is still alive garbage

Thank you for the info and comparison, since I don't watch hockey I wasn't aware of ESPN actions. I understand what your saying, I agree.

I apologize, it is just that when I read some of the comments on the various Forums it appeared to me that the CFL wasn't really pushing for strictly CFL sponsors. I certainly agree with your last sentence.

toronto isn’t folding

Telus has a large presence at the field level in western stadiums and I remember them being active at the Toronto Grey Cup. They are based out west.

I'm not really understanding this comment.
The majority of MAJOR National retailers /distribution are located in Ontario (whether people like it or not) due to population, market access etc. A lot of times it's also relevant to where a stock market is if the corporations are traded & to where the League head office is, in this case again TO.
Even using the Safeway analogy is now somewhat incorrect as Sobeys purchased them who are from the east. Plus, the major concern of any company is "reach" so it stands to understand we actually need more national partners / sponsors so that the branding & advertising $ spend make more sense for them across this great nation.
(....not that I would know anything about that :wink: )
Then, the fact that the league negotiates the Grey Cup contracts & the teams negotiate the regional sponsors, hence why you see more regional adverts during regular season & complimented by National sponsors who also deal with each team directly.

:cowboy: http://www.102greycupfestival.ca/102greycup/partners

But that's the in-stadium advertising, we were talking about the national CFL TV sponsors which are:
Safeway, GM, Moores, Wendys, Nissan, Purolator.
These are they guys that have to buy the air time on TSN. TSN bought the TV rights for around $40 million a year so TSN has to sell air time to make at least $40 million back.

The major thing we need right now IS a beer sponsor.
the west technically has Great Western Brewery, but we should have one from the east as well, or a wholly national one. Molson? Labatts?
although an exclusively eastern beer, i think, would help keep the east v west rivalry going. Who's got better beer/football? throw all the rhetoric in there that you can to hype it up. maybe Keith's?

What about The Keg? Mark's Work Warehouse? Although the Wendy's commercials seem to dominate, I'm pretty sure that both these national companies have a presence during the game-day broadcasts.

The only issue I have with Western sponsership is Safeway's "TD to Win" since it is not a national brand. All winners are from the west because of this. Partnering up with a truely national company for a promotion of this type would be more fair to all Canadians. Imagine the outrage in SK if a TD to Win promo started in QC and stopped at the ON-MB border...

Also to consider is not everyone sees the viewers of CFL as a target audience. They have to park their advertising dollars where they get the biggest bang for their buck.