West side speakers volume

Is anyone else totally annoyed by how freakin loud the speakers are on the lower mezzanine and seating on the west side?
It was so loud with music and announcements that you had to scream to talk to the person next to you. Absolutely outrageous . My ears are still ringing. And I like fairly loud music ( except that rap crap). I can't imagine sitting at the rail on the mezzanine level.
They need to aim the speakers straight out or turn the volume down.
And, when the in stadium panel was talking, the echo was so bad you coul hardly make out what they said.
In any work environment you'd have to wear hearing protection if the noise was as loud as what we put up with last night.
I'm not the only one who thought this in our section.
They should replace the entire audio system and not only the fault ones on the east side.

East side was brutal too. Only that was a rented sound system I hear, so maybe it won't be there for the next game. Still don't understand why we need half a line of some random song blasted at us between every single play. Especially when we're on offense.

"Because millennials." Not that millenials necessarily are oversized toddlers who need constant stimulation to keep them coming to games, but marketers and event managers certainly believe they are.

Yes, why have music playing between every play??? When did that start?

Sound was fine in Sec 111

It started last year.

...I think we all need to call the Ticats directly and ask if anything can be done so we have a "more enjoyable stadium experience" or if they can provide hearing protection. I wonder if there is a government agency (like the labour board) we can call if they don't dial it down a notch. I don't particularly wish to sit through another season of this .

I can almost guarantee that they'll give me some BS answer why it can't be done. I went through a situation with them when they misspelled my name on the legacy wall(admittedly their fault) and tell me there is no recourse or ability to correct it. ( I call BS) .
Customer service is the service you get when they collect your money.