West side question

In the Upper West side , what is the lowest row you can sit in and still be covered?
More Specifically , are Rows 15-17 covered in the Upper west Side?


Row 14 definitely isn’t , and I don’t think 15-17 would be any better . Maybe around row 20?

The Ticketmaster map shows only 19 rows total in the upper west sections. From the east side it looks like a few rows are covered but that could just be an illusion.
I ended up splurging and getting 40 yard line seats in section 106. My buddy said he wanted the “seats that are covered” but I talked him into the better seats anyways.

My season seats use to be in row 19 of section 202 and they were fully covered

Only the top two rows are covered. Rows 18 and 19.

The covered seats are in his basement.