west side entrance

sorry but this will be my last vent for a while and I would like to complain about the entrance gate on the west side of the stadium. as a season ticket holder and for anyone else that has to get into the stadium this way ,there is no way there is only one gate open. when the Argo`s were here we and other people had to wait almost 20 to 25 minutes to get in and we were half an hour early .if you came later you could have missed the kick off ,only after they opened the bank of Nova Scotia gate the lines started to move better . this is no way to treat your fans even David Braley who was behind me had to wait a long time to get in .if it was rainning some people might not be willing to wait in line this long and get soaked ,and just stay home, maybe losing new season ticket holders for next year

Define "almost 20 minutes". So what's that 15? You show up 30 minutes before kick-off and had to wait 15 minutes in line at an event that had 23,000 other people at it, go figure. Show up a bit earlier if 15 minutes seems unreasonsble.

just my thought there should be more then one gate open on a sellout game there must have been a lot of people complaining because there was no nova scotia gate and there another gate open.l just hope they keep both gates open

Not a HUGE issue, but, I kinda agree with you...In a gate driven league, I think everything reasonably possible should be done to make the game day experience as pleasant as possible for the fans. That includes having as many gates open as are available to allow easy access to the stadium. I too have been a little annoyed at times having to wait, what I consider to be, much too long to get in. I have been to most CFL stadiums as well as a lot of NFL stadiums (Which hold 80,000 or so) with much less wait times than IWS.

I agree with "as many gates open as are available to allow easy access to the stadium" but have to adjust it to "as many gates as there are staff available to man them". Just because there's a gate doesn't mean somebody is available to take tickets, check bags and whatever else is required at a gate. I've also attended almost every stadium in the CFL with the exception of BC and some days you get a line, some days you don't. Like you said it's not a huge issue, to me a bigger issue is having the gates open before the people are in place that do the bag checks, hand-outs etc...
Go for a beer at half time, now that's a line-up.

I have never, EVER waited more than 2 minutes in line, no matter when I show up, nor what game is being played. I have, however, SEEN people lined up around the Beechwood/Balsam corner, that would likely be in line for 20-25 minutes. How do I get in so fast, you may ask? I simply go to the very next gate along Beechwood that generally has NO LINE AT ALL!

I never have a problem either, but maybe thats because i show up 2hrs before kick off! :lol:

FYI There was more than just one ticket taker at Melsose. The problem at that gate along with any other is the fact that many choose to arrive 5-10 minutes before kickoff in spite of the fact the gates are all open 90 minutes prior to kickoff. Additionally in spite of the search policy that has been in place for at least 3 seasons many are unprepared to open their bags and many still have prohibited items which causes delays for everyone. I really wish there was something we ticket takers could do but we can only let people in as fast as they get past security . Compounding the problem is the fact that at that gate people arrive in waves via the HSR shuttles and almost all chose to enter there rather than walk over to Beechwood just around the corner where at least half of the ticket holders are seated. The Melrose and Balsam Street entrances are also limited to one gate due to the stadium layout and there is little that can be done to alleviate the problem. In short everyone should arrive 30 minutes or more before kickoff and if they can’t there is little that can be done to speed things along

I liked the days when we all had our own personal "beverages" on hand and never seemed to care how long we waited in line... :lol:

Call the Tiger-Cats head office and tell them!!!!!!

Better yet write them a letter !!!! or email !!!!!