West SF: Bombers vs. Stamps

Will the visiting Collaros-led Streveler-backup Bummers be able to best those pesky Stumpers on their home turf?

I predict that Zach will have another good game, but to win, the Bombers DBs will need to perform a lot better, and Big Willie will need to emerge from his Rip-Van-Winkle slumber.

Winnipeg takes it in a close one, and Bo Evil will blame his teammates for the loss.

I really hope that you’re clairvoyent or something. ;D

Thanks for the reply #1. For a while there, I thought I was being shunned!;D
If Collaros brings his “A” game, anything is possible…

I wouldn’t just assume BLM will blame his teammates.

He could very well blame his coaches, the way he did after their 2016 Grey Cup loss.

Do you notice how he never looks at the interviewer, or the camera for that matter, when he is interviewed? Maybe that is the reason we pick up a negative vibe about him? Certainly can’t knock him on skills.

Yep, never any eye contact. And I also need to see subtitles when he speaks!

Obviously, he doesn’t realize that, if he looked at the camera, he’d be able to see to see himself, in a reflection. 8)

For the record, I was being a little silly calling him Bo Evil (or Boll weevil), but I always wondered about his name. Apparently, it’sBoris Levionus Mitchell. Yikes! Who names their kid that? Might have something to do with his quirkiness…

It is supposed to be super cold in CGY on Sunday
A high of -12C :o

Vikings fans thought his comment that “they didn’t sign him because he was going to take Kirk’s job” was hilarious. Boris has an ego for sure. He is working on it at least a couple times this year he said “I didn’t play good enough”

If the Bombers get their running game going and Zac mixes some passing in, I can see a Peg victory .

At -12C , the Bomber players should be happy that Bud Grant isn’t coaching them again . He had a habit of turning the sideline heaters off at the Bomber and later the Viking benches . Cold ? What cold ?

Pat Lynch ( praying for a chinook in Calgary at Grey Cup time )

Bombers QB Matt Nichols got hurt , Bombers dropped from one of the top Western Teams to the bottom.

Zach Collaros returns them to the top potentially with Strevler backing up on short yardage plays hopefully he has recovered .

I can see Bombers thawing the Stamps out , but somehow Cowgary puts it together and come up with victories especially at home…

Predict one overtime game this Sunday …

I have a feeling the Bombers are going to upset the Stampeders.

My prediction. Bombers 24, Stamps 21

IMHO, Collaros has zero chance with 3 - 1st team practices to prepare for the hometown Stamps

What were his chances when WPG played CAL two weeks ago?

I gave him no chance then either! 8)

Calgary weather forcast
-13, 15 to 20 kmph winds and light snow at game time. Bring on the Winnipeg run game. Streveler and Harris have big day running the ball.
21 Winnipeg
17 Calgary

I think Collaros and Harris have good games and they knock out the Stamps.

I see that the Riders have signed a backup QB Justice Hansen from Arkansas St. . Does that suggest that perhaps Fajardo has a more serious injury ?

Rider fans could be singing the old Skeeter Davis hit, The End of the World.

Pat Lynch ( Cause you don’t love me anymore )