West Semi Final

Anyone have any thoughts on the game Sunday?
Also, does anyone know how many tickets have been sold at Commonwealth? I saw a picture where the lower bowl was probably 95% sold (not including the end zone seats). Hopefully over 45,000 make it out. I have a little faith it might get to 50,000+ with SASK coming to town, that would be unreal but maybe optimistic.

Go Esks!

Maybe with today's announcement of Nicholls starting, more fans from Saskatchewan will come?

They'll come no matter what. I was initially worried about Nichols starting but I am more confident in him playing this playoff game with Joseph in for SASK. We have a far better team and that's thanks to our top ranked defense and certain playmakers on offense. I could see Edmonton winning 27-17.

I think you guys are looking around 30,000 as you can see the upper deck is only sub open and your end zone still has lots of tickets available

Just looked at the map, they opened some more upper level seats and click a few sections where the upper levels only have a few empty seats with the enitre lower bowl between the endzones are 99% sold out. There is one section on the upper deck completely sold out as well. They should have never removed the advertising for the north endzone. But I think there will be a big walk up crowd when they open up the rest of the sections for sale. 40,000+ easy.

possibly they can get 40,000 but that is going to take a big walk up. and I know it is going to be manly sunny tom but people do not like sitting in cold weather. so I say 33,000 at the most.