West Semi-Final

No smack, no disrespect, no anything other than sportsmanship intended here in this thread.....best of luck, and here's to a good game on November 5th!

Should be a great game. McMahon is like a home game for the Riders. Whoever wins, half the stadium goes home happy.

I think I'm gonna write a letter to the newspaper, telling Stamps fans to buy tickets so as to keep Rider fans out :wink:

Seriously though, it will be great if the game sells out, even if it is half Rider fans, and the Rider fans that do show up have to be commended for loving their team so much ...

I can't wait for the game!!! And I REALLY hope the Stamps win ...

Should be a good atmosphere. Wish I was there.
I think this game should be a thriller down to the wire!

I'll be there. Good old section J. Should be a good game.

I know it will be exciting...unlike the Eastern semi, which will probably be a snooze-fest with two teams that offensively can't do dick.

Stamps head office won't allow riders to bring in thier gopher, Gainer, for the game. They say it would cause kaos in the stands. How obsurd. Our organization is stooping to an all time low. They should bring thier cheerleaders too, it doesn't mean they will win the game. What do you guys think?

Winnipeg 17
Toronto 16

Calgary 31
Saskatchewan 28

[quote="CanucKev"]I think I'm gonna write a letter to the newspaper, telling Stamps fans to buy tickets so as to keep Rider fans out :wink:

I guess your letter writing campaign was a success; in excess of 10, 000 tickets were sold to Rider fans! Maybe the letter writing campaign needs to start in December so the people have the time to buy the tickets for next November

...that ratio is probably correct, about 10-12 thousand rider fans to 24-26 thousand stamp fans.....and of the 10-12 thou that wear green about 95% of them already live here so about 35,500 calgarians and about 1,500 visitors.....seems like Kev's campaign did the trick....

Didn't canuckev's post hope to keep the Rider fans out of McMahon? those 12,000 calgarians will NOT be cheering for the home team, although no team, especially Calgary, has a home field advantage with the fans when the Riders come to town!

regarding the 100k Saskatchewan expatriates who live in Calgary, it has nothing to do with jobs, it has to do with the socialist governments that the people, who live in Saskatchewan, vote for. If we would have had progressive (not necessarily PC) governments in the 60's, Saskatchewan's economy would have boomed like Alberta; unfortunately our parent's generation wanted the safety of a socialist government. Those of us who do not want the government's "hands in our pockets" (to quote the TV commercial)pack up and move out of Saskatchewan. Trust me, Alberta would not be as prosperous if they would vote in a socialist government. That is probably what Alberta has the most going for them right now...wealth in the hands of the people, rather than in the hands of the government, as in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

...enough politcs, lets get back to football....