West Semi Final-Winnipeg @ Calgary

Kamar Jorden will make his return in this game while Rogers is out. Collaros will start for Winnipeg while Stevler moves to third string. Edge Calgary.

The temperature is supposed to be a high of -11 with a low of -19 and light snow. The great equalizer. Edge Winnipeg as they have a stronger running game.

Two very close games were just played by the two clubs with both winning at home in the home and home. Edge Calgary.

Winnipeg wins a close low scoring game.

Hate to be a Debbie here but …
with host city team out which is lukewarm at best anyway…
SSK fans might rescue ticket sales but does a HAM WPG match up mean “disaster”?

You don’t think Grey Cup starved Bombers fans won’t make the trek to Calgary??

Enough to salvage attendence figures ?

…the cruelty of the football gods on display…last Sunday, -11C, this Sunday, +11C…would it have made a difference? I dunno…