West Semi-final / Objectional Conduct

WHAT THE @#%$!!! (now that that’s out of my system)

Objectional conduct call on SSK #1, but nothing for the CGY defender!!! There should have been off-setting penalties, if there were any penalties at all.

And then…

Blatant Offensive pass interference, with no call. The CGY receiver was beat, and SSK DB would have had the INT, but was purposefully tripped!


I feel like the officials were trying to hand the game to CGY… complete garbage.

i agree that offsetting penalties should have been given but your boys come out and top so be happy and get ready for BC.

hey, it could have been an Argo’s - Eski-schmoes(least fav. and most loathed teams) game and that would have ticked me off!

c’mawn! that was just awefull

LB74...still complaining, your team won..There were calls that were questionable on both sides. As far as that play goes..shouldn't have been any call imho. there were a lot of offsides NOT called on the Riders..as well as others. But it was better reffed than most games this year...Just be lucky you didn't have Jake Ireland calling your game. I am so glad that you are going into BC Place, where the Rider's will get calls for Procedure +++, as the noise will be louder than Mosaic Stadium. Surely a little taste of your own medicine. But wait..the Rider Fans will blame it on Canned noise, and I hear are threatening to break down the Sound Room door....during the game.

Typical rider town cryer. I notice you od not mention that KJ was over the line of scrimmage on the first touchdown and you do not here Stamp fans crying about that nor the penalty on the short kick. Yep Cry when you lose and cry when you win. No wonder I would sooner see BC win it again. Prime example!

Go Lions Go

I think you missed this thread there RW05

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=22777]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... ic&t=22777[/url]

Just chill out...

Is it ok to whine when you are just responding to another whiner?

All and all i thought the refs did pretty good.

Im glad they took my suggestion to have a guy in the box.

Gee, thanks 2005. I will mail you an Orange # 12 Jersey! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm not trying to be a rider town cryer. I'm from steeltowne.

I just saw some bunk reffing, and had to vent, appologies go out that i didn't notice two calls the other way out of 3 hours of football.

it realy concerns me that our officials make so many mistakes, and although they are human the errors are to often and to unbalanced.

I just thought instead of starting another officiating poll (wich surprizingly few people paid attention to), i'd keep it to one incident, and one game.

Having an official in the box is step in the right direction.

(ps. 2005 that was the right call on the onside kick, tough luck)


You know RW05, about a year or so ago, I posted about how I thought the officiating in this league was not good. Although it wasn't in reference to any one game, you jumped all over me, calling me a whiny Rider fan, etc. I became very defensive, but the attacks didn't let up. Now this year you began griping about the reffing. I just sat back and didn't say a word (truthfully I agreed with you).

One of many examples:

But now this?? I dunno RW05, very disappointing.

You do that well!

Thanks sporty!

Go Lions Go

Lions are going to a buffet on Sunday! On the menu is BQ'd Salmon and stuffed Rider.

My apologies you must be embarassed by being called a rider fan.

Sorry to disappoint but the refs are not getting better they are in fact getting worse. Theres your explaination. The addition of Jim Daley to George Black did not help (blind leading the blind).

I agree with you.

I think all teams are well represented by people who gripe about the officiating (myself included). It seems to be spread out pretty evenly though.