West power poll

So who do you think will be the three power houses in the west and where will they finish in the standings?

Lions, Roughriders, Eskimos...

Lions, Roughriders, Blue Bombers

Lions Roughrides Stampeders
Edmonton is too old
Winnipeg well just didnt do anything this offseason

Lions, Stampeders, Eskimos.
Roughriders will be a one-dimensional running team without Burris.

Lions, stamps, roghies

Lions Lions and Lions

Lions, Eskies, Sask.

Everyone seems to underestimate Edmonton. They have good depth in QB, They improved at DB (Sanchez) Where they needed to. All they are missing is a good RB to replace Pringle. Esks will be closer to the Lions than we think!

I'm thinking: Riders, Lions, and probably Edmonton will be in there too since as far as I know they're almost the same team as last year just a few guys gone.

I can't see Winnipeg doing a thing next season, I fully expect them to be picking 1st overall in the 2006 CFL College Draft. Stampeders will struggle through the first 9 games and then start winning a few down the stretch. Riders and Lions will likely be the strong teams in the West this year.

Eskies, There "D" will dominate the west.
Lions, powerful offence, where is the "D"
Stamps or Riders, leaning to the Riders, no improvment at QB for the Stamps, and the Riders will be improved with a healthy Green.

BOMBERS, lions, esks

Loins, Esks, Riders

Now with Ricky Ray.....It solidifies my Prediction...BC and Edmonton Battling for number 1. Whoever stays the healthiest wins it.

Western Final...expect these two.

Calgary 3rd
Saskatchewan Cross Over

Edm or Sask

Sask will be alright as long as their defence plays consistent. I still think they are quietly looking for another QB. Greene is injured way too much and even when healthy is inconsistent.

BC is solid, although I agree with another post I saw concerning their secondary. You might see teams going long on them.

Edm is not as old as everyone thinks. It will be interesting once training camp is done to have a look at the average age of each team and I think posters will be surprised.


There will only be two, Winnipeg and Calgary. Ottawa will cross over to the west.


Moderation when smoking our exported BC Bud crops...... Calgary for third but Winipeg??????

Too old? How old is Dickenson? Both Ray and Maas are under the age of 30. That’s just the QB’s and I know we have some older recievers however I would think the Esks are very close to the the other teams in the league. Just had a quick look at the Lions roster and there are numerous players there born between '75 and '80. Same as with Edmonton.

B.C. is strong and should finish first in the west, but I don’t think the Esks are as old as everyone is hoping they will end up being. They will be second and Calgary/Saskatchewan will battle for third.