West playing possum

The West is simply lulling the east into a false sense of security, real fans know which division will win the Grey Cup.

Lock the post if you like.

I think not. I believe that the East is definitely better this year than they were last year. plus B.C. is not as good as last season, neither is Saskatchewan. Calgary also has problems getting started.

there is too much parity this year... if wpg developes a little consistency i doubt there will be a crossover either. bc has some big issues on d and qbing has not stepped up. and as we all know its the cfl and anything can happen, especially come playoff time!

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So is mods abusing their power.

Well then I think the West will continue to lull the East for most (if not all) of the season. But like you said, the hottest team could come out of the West come playoff time. But we'll have to wait a couple months and see who's doing what then.

I don't know why its hard for some Western fans to admit that the East is on par (or better than) this year with them. It's not rocket science when you compare it to last year.

At this time last year Winnipeg was 1-7, Hamilton was 2-6, and Montreal had 3 losses, TO 3 wins

Cal, Edm and BC were 4-3, Sask was 6-1

In West vs East match ups, the West took it convincingly 10-2

There was no arguing at that point which division was stronger. But that was last year. This year there is no arguing that the East has improved, while the West has regressed looking at Sask and BC. In West vs East matchups its now the East leading 9-7.

You guys can continue to crow about your dominance, and the east will continue to win games against you.

Personally, I don't know why the last post was locked out...

Perhaps because the West was out of excuses and called 'troll' on the original poster and wanted it locked?

I love how they kept saying 'we can't use the overall record because...(some lame reason)' and then 'we can't use east vs. west record because... (another lame reason)'. But what are we supposed to use then? And did the west not use that criteria in past years to lay claim to West dominance over the East??

Talk about a double standard...

Face it, so far the East is just as good if not better then the West. It could still change in the second half of course.

Wha'? ..... I like satire. :smiley:

I would say that the east is better than last. They have the best and worst teams in the league, where as the west is all scattered in between. It’s hard to say the east doesn’t deserve the nod as the stronger division at this point, but it would be better to ask this after every team is through the bye weeks and has an equal games played. If this weeks games weren’t featuring east vs west then it wouldn’t matter, but if the east sweeps then they are without a doubt the stronger division. But if the west teams win then that head to head record changes directions.

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Actually it was locked by an AL’s fan , I for one hope the East is for real as I’m quite Tired of seeing them suck year after year and having the Western Final being the real Grey Cup.

I agree the East is for real but like I said in the previous similar thread, any discussion on CFL strength and weaknesses at this time is to say the least premature. The Grey Cup is won in November, not August and teams will be making changes over the next several weeks. No team can afford to sleep through the NFL cuts and teams will be bringing in guys to fill holes. Watch for Edmonton to bring in some deep threat receivers as a for instance.

As for East/Wast comparison, ask the same question a week from now and you may get a different answer. If the East sweeps, one can say the East is definately stronger for the moment, If the West sweeps I would put them slightly ahead due to building momentum. If it's a split, toss a coin.


absolutely rediculous.

no team intentionaly looses football games to make their opponents think they are better than they really are... I can't believe i'm reading this...

imagine the pre-game speach...

"ok boys, lets go out there and risk our bodies and our careers so we can let the other team win. then when we face them next game we can REALLY give'em what for!!!"

ha! I could see mike kelly doing it, but he's an eastern coach!

Can you really have "too much parity"? it makes for better games. I am all for parity.

I can't believe anyone took the statement literally. This was simply a vehicle to reopen a subject which IMHO was prematurely closed despite some helpful dialogue and yes some unwarranted comment, however locking a thread because of a few bad posts is really throwing out the baby with the bath water. (and no, I don't mean literally that people would throw out their babies)

Oh my God , now your throwing out Babies! next you will be saying the west is just toying with the East.

Wait a second you already said that. You are totally Evil. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Your just a parity animal. :cowboy:

Abe Lincoln:"Be excellent to each other,and parity on dudes!"