West lightning round

It’s Monday. Here’s something quick and easy.

  1. Will the Lions make the playoffs?
  2. Can Harris win a big game?( Crossover semi excluded )
  3. Is Sask. the team that wins the west?
  4. Calgary or Winnipeg...who goes further?

My thoughts;
No. No. Yes. Calgary.


With everything so volatile I will hazard guesses and then regret them soon enough . Very superficial reasons all on the QB .

1 I like Reilly so yes maybe crossover if nothing else
2 Harris yes one but two in a row is the real deal
3 It depends on Fajardo's consisitency and if he stays healthy odds on no
4. I worry about Callaros health for a full season and Calgary always has somebody waiting in the wings to bail them out if Bo is limping so Calgary

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. No
  4. Calgary