West Jet, Air Canada, Sale !!

Both Air lines have sales on today if your looking go to Moncton or Vancouver for Touchdown Atlantic or Grey Cup !

Oskee Wee Wee !

http://www.westjet.com/guest/en/home.shtml# http://www.aircanada.com/en/home.html

FYI, Sale ends today on selected flights !

Thanks for the heads up tc, we're booked. We are going this year but will be spending most of the time on the island for a gettaway quiet vacation and heading over Sunday morning on the ferry to the game. That's the plan at this point anyways.

Works out to about $350 with the sale.

I can get two return tix to Ft. Lauderdale on Southwest out of Buffalo for $350...

No question travelling within Canada is expensive for sure.

West Jet and Air Canada advertise the sale at $99 or $109 but when you look at the taxes and fees and the return it's $350.
I get fed up at being "lured" in to the cheap fares advertised by AC and Westjet and then find out the fees/taxes almost double the fare. I saw an add on Air Canada for visit Australia for $700 wow! but of course it was one way based on buying a return and the taxes/fees on that route brought the fare up to over $2,000.
At least when SouthWest airlines advertises $89 each way to Florida it is $89

I see the US announced yesterday new law will force the airlines to display all fees/taxes, baggage fees etc up front. Hope we can get a law like that in Canada.

West Jet sale end April 21st at midnight.

Air Canada sale ends April 22nd at midnight.

I booked both yesterday, I cant wait. It will be worth every Canadian penny :thup:

It drives me crazy.
Only in Cananda can a $1 ticket sale equate to a minimum of $300.00?
Nuts and that's why more and more people take the long drive across the border for the real cheap US fares.

Unfortunately, buffalo doesn't fly to Moncton. Flying with in Canada is more expensive. That's the price of being in one of the best Countries in the World. Moncton should be awesome !! hopefully there will be a large contingent of Ticats fans !! Just like Grey Cup !! :thup:

air fare = $342.23
tickets = $123.32
hotel = $129.00
beers = $98.00
seeing your Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Moncton = Priceless !!!!! :lol:

You are right about that, being priceless.
I was there last year with my Argos and it was a can't miss proposition.
I will definitely go back and hopefully when Moncton gets their own franchise.

I have been to the past several Grey Cups, and I am absolutely amazed at how many Tiger-Cats fan attend. Besides Saskatchawn Hamiton has the largest contingent of fans.

Moncton should be no different !! :thup:

Oskee Wee Wee !!