West is the Best! Circa?

Too early? Or could this post be relative at any point in what seems like forever?

Power rankings could very well be
Tor could move up a bit after next week.


I mused on another thread about all the predictions as to how the East would be equal to or better than the West this year. Can’t see it happening.


Looking at the standings is kind of funny right now. Toronto is leading the East with zero points.


Way too early for this…

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Is it though?

Based on past years I think yes….

Montreal lost in a close one, same with Ottawa…those games could’ve swung differently in the final minute…Hamilton got beaten up but they’re going to rebound…Toronto always seems to be in there year after year…home field too for all those western wins…

Based on past years I'd say this is just a continuation. West just went 3-0 vs the East, who many said would be much improved. Don't think many could argue that its 4 West teams ontop of the next rankings.

I think the East grabs too many free agents from other Eastern teams. Their target seems to focus on getting to the playoffs only and that nothing REALLY COUNTS until Labor day. Some teams seem to think that early losses aren't really worth 2 points.

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Yup, they all count. And that is often the difference between a home game and a road game.

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It seems like the West gets a lot of the early home games. it will start to even out. The East will hold its own!


3 of the games were really close until late, and all 3 were West home games. I thought Ottawa looked vastly improved, Montreal looked decent, and while Hamilton struggled a bit that was almost entirely on their O-line, they played well defensively.

West is a combined 7-2 (thanks to Edm), while East is 1-6.

And the West is 5-0 vs the East. Same old same old.

Hold its own box of tissues as the west dominates and essentially whoever wins the west final is going to win the Grey Cup....yeah you're right

You could say that as per usual the real Grey Cup will be held one week before the actual game.

If Saskatchewan wins the West you could say that they will host Grey Cups in back to back weeks.

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