West Harbour Support Site

West harbour fans asked to support Ticats

A website encouraging supporters of the west harbour stadium site to buy Ticat tickets is being launched today.

The site, goticatswestharbour.com, says it’s mission is to show strong support of the football team can make it financially sustainable in a Pan Am stadium at the Bay and Barton Streets site.

“It’s no longer about the location within the city,? the mission statement says. “It’s about our Tiger-Cats being part of our future at west harbour.?

The mission statement, which stresses it is not associated with the Tiger-Cats, says it has picked up on a popular sentiment that buying tickets is a visible way to invest in the city through the Tiger-Cats.

A group of citizens led by businessman Mark Chamberlain initiated the website.

It will ask people to show their support for the Cats with a commitment to buy tickets, then pass on their contact information to the football club.


A West Harbour Pan Am Stadium support site. Great idea. Those people need councelling. Maybe even a twelve step program or an anonymous group meeting something like this:

Setting: A church basement. The smell of coffee and second hand smoke fills the air. Several cheap chairs surround a microphone stand. From the back comes an obviously depressed, well dress man murmuring to himself...

Speaker: "Hi, my name is Fred and I'm a West Harbour fanatic."

Group: "Hi Fred!"

Speaker: "I had some shaddy businessmen offer me a lot of money to get the new stadium in the West Harbour."

Group:"That's ok, brother. We're all weak. No judgement here."

Speaker: "If it wasn't for that annoying typewriter salesman from Carolina, everything would have worked out."

Group:"Let it out. Don't keep bad karma inside."

Speaker: "Anyway, I realized when HostCo told me high school football is not high performance sports the game was over. I just need a way to lose my fixation with the West Harbour. I think I'll take up bringing the Cleveland Browns to Hamilton for one game a year. Thanks for listening."

New Speaker: "Hi, my name is Captain Kirk and I've been a West Harbour junkie for over a year now."

Group rushes the speaker with duct tape and double blue paint.

End of Act 1

One thing I'm really getting sick of is the West Harbour side planting their flag in the ground and declaring victory with statements like "the Pan Am stadium location has been decided", or "the decision is final", etc.

It's just silly guys, cut it out.

Has HOSTCO approved the site? No. Then it's not final yet, plain and simple, period end of story.

By all accounts the decsion has been made and is final, the city isnt budging on the WH and neither is Bob Young. Without major changes (read new location) the Ticats will not be doing any further “bargaining”, if that’s what we’re calling what the city did, so as far as I’m concerned I agree with the WH supporters that’s it’s over. I disagree that they’ve won anything though,that remains to be seen when hostco hands down the decision. The team is exploring all options and the WH supporters feel they’ve won…situation normal a.f.u. :slight_smile:

As for the site listed by the OP, it’s hard to run down any group that just wants the team to stay here and are willing to make some commitments to that end, unfortunately they can buy all the seats from here to 2014 and it won’t make the WH a workable location for the team.
Like the man said, “the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will not play at the West Harbor”.

Oakham, way too funny mate, can't wait for part two "Hi my name is Bob" :lol: :lol:

A great initiative. My only word of advice to the people supporting WH - get Bob Young on board with you ASAP. Give him lots of reasons why the WH is the economic choice for the health of the TigerCats franchise in the long term.

Are these the same people I see downtown "tweaking" on crack, talking to themselves and trying to bum smokes off anyone who walks by ?

seriously, we need serious people in this, not those who dwell in their mother's basement and crowd the sidewalks in Gore Park when they get kicked out while their mom cleans the house and does their laundry :lol:


Bob Young has had his stadium experts look at the situation and they've advised him that WH is the worst location for a new stadium of all the ones under consideration. Bob has listened to their advice, made his own assessment and has decided he will not go to WH. Period.

That's good enough for me. I will not be supporting this initiative.

nowwwwwww I finally get why freddy wants the stadium at the west harbour .....
its the new home of the people of gore park!...the legacy tenant!... :lol:

Same with me steve.

What kind of crap is that? All "these people" want is what they feel is good for the city and the team, whether or not you agree with them is hardly a reason to call them pricky little kid names like that. Their doing what they think will help, committing to buying seasons tickets, that's more than you do.

This is Mark Chamberlin, the organizer.

[i]Entrepreneur and community advocate Mark Chamberlain is President and CEO of a commercialization firm called Trivaris, which focuses on early startup technology companies. He received the University of Waterloo Engineering Alumni Medal in 1999, was awarded the Ernst & Young 2001 Ontario Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Technology and Communications category, the 2001 National Entrepreneur of the Year Special Citation for Market Leadership, a Professional Engineers of Ontario Medal for Entrepreneurship in 2004, and was inducted into Burlington’s ‘Entrepreneur Hall of Fame’ in 2006. Mark was also selected as one of the top 100 Entrepreneurs in Ontario by the Ontario Business Report in 1996.

Mark is currently a member and the past Chair of the Board of the Hamilton Community Foundation, Chair of the Hamilton Tackling Poverty Roundtable, Chair of the Golden Horseshoe Innovation Alliance, member of the Board of the Ontario Centres of Excellence, and Chair of the Ontario Centres of Excellence Commercialization Committee.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree (B.A. Sc.) and a Masters of Applied Science degree (MASc) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. [/i]

Past chair of Hamilton Community Foundation.....an organization that Joyce Young felt strongly enough about to donate 40 million dollars to. Care to list your life long accomlishments for a comparison to the man you just called a crack smoking, cigarette bumming, crazy person who talks to himself and lives in his Mommies basement.
I do believe you've just called a friend of the Young family some pretty serious and crappy names, and to be quite honest if my mind wasn't already made up on the whole stadium issue I'd side with Fred and the WH supporters before I'd join any effort the likes of you were part of.

Count me in as well.

Mark Chamberlain is a total joke. I was at city hall when he gave his little presentation before the vote last week. He belittled and vilified the Cats, holding up his right hand with nothing in it, saying this is the Ti-Cats business plan then holding up his left hand full of paper saying this is the cities plan. I think he got his jollies off when he got a little laugh out of the pro WH wackos. Now is wants to be a fair-weatherd fan by buying season tickets. I wouldn't allow this dork into a Cat game. :cowboy:

Oh, take a chill pill.......sheesh ! :roll:

We've all been subject to a lot of abuse from West Harbour fanatics........and some pretty hideous comments towards Bob Young and the Tiger-Cats I might add.......so, unfortunately, that crowd has done it to themselves over tine in this debacle.....

And what exactly is this Mark Chamberlain doing anyways?.........trying to harpoon any effort the City may be making to come up with a new location ?......the timing of this is rather suspect. :wink:

Sorry no can do. The stadium experts say this is a very poor location for a stadium. Consider Longwood Rd. after the city swaps the existing Longwood Rd parcel of land with West Harbour. Revitalize the WH with commerce ( Mc Master University ) coupled with condos - PAN AM Velodrome . A stadium will not work there. Just another opportunity for the city to put a square peg in a round hole. I love my Tiger Cats - anywhere but WH.............

Big deal Buckwheat he disagrees with the Teams stance, a lot of people in this debate do.
Say the man talks 5000 people into purchasing seasons next year......because he held up an empty hand and called it the Cats business plan the team shouldn't sell them tickets?
What did you say in your presentation? Or did you just sit there...ridiculing and adding nothing.....

Crack smoking , mentally challenged, moms basement....those words seldom end in anything other than a fist in the mouth and I can't recall them ever contributing to a positive end to a debate or impasse.

Care to list your life long accomlishments for a comparison
Do you have a few hours? :wink:

Anytime, please start typing I'm here all week.

Oh, and by the way, I never accused Chamberlain himself of smoking crack or living in their mom's basements etc..........I was referring to the group of "usual suspects" we are all growing weary of and their potty mouths

Chamberlain's act was so pitiful it was funny. When someone is trying to sell you something they put together a presention, sometimes even a business plan. If you don't like it and don't wish to proceed with them you don't have to put a business plan together to explain why. You just say no.

West Harbour fanatics...just say 'No'.