West Harbour....& Parking

Ok so the latest complaint about the west harbour location is that there will not be enough parking.

BUT there are 10,000 parking spots within the downtown core within a reasonable walk to the stadium site.

WHAT? People don't want to walk? Ok I get that. But maybe if we turned it into an event people will be less incline to complain about it.

Maybe we should mimick what the Seattle Sounders of MLS do:

[url=http://www.soundersfc.com/Matchday/March-to-the-Match.aspx]http://www.soundersfc.com/Matchday/Marc ... Match.aspx[/url]

Think about it....Fans park in one of the many downtown parking lots (that, quite frankly, can use the business) and make their way to Central Park which is accross the street from Copps to the South and accross the street from the new stadium in the north. Central Park become Ticat central on game days, vendors can set up booth ect., it's the tailgatting experience we all want, but in a beatiful park. Then 60 minutes before the game, Ticat nation marches there way into lulu.com stadium singing the ticat fight song.


Downtown parking lots get extra business
Fans have to go through the downtown to get to the stadium and this is a good thing for our downtown
Fans get the chance to have a tailgaiting experience
Traffic is centred around the downtown core and not the north end neighberhood.

Love to hear everyone's thoughts on this...

I'm not a tailgater but I am fairly certain that hoofing it over to Central Park with all of the tailgating gear and hauling it back to the parking lot you managed to get into really won't be an option. Having a street party where you sell beer and burgers won't satisfy the tailgaters either. Nice idea but considering the Cats stopped doing the pregame parties just outside the stadium my best guess is there is no appetite for your idea

Wait and see how many cars are broken into by crackheads....plus the congestion downtown...I personally think it's a poor choice. I can't imagine people from Hamilton and outside wanting to come to downtown Ham. Let's see how it all shakes down :cowboy:

I park in the area 40 times a year for Bulldogs games. Many are night games. 13 years, not one problem. :roll:

We are assuming the extra $60 million will be found to expand the stadium to 25,000 seats. Government money is out, and I dont think the private sector will come forward for the balance (not at that location anyway). I think it will stay a small Pan-Am stadium,and the Cats will still be using Ivor Wynne for many years to come.

And how many of those Bulldogs games were in the summer?

Hello IWS Mark 2 Back in a Neighborhood
I thought they want to get good use of a new Stadium.
This is the reason they don't use the current Stadium

Why not save the money and just rebuild IWS... I don't under Stand Politicians
Are they that Dunce...???

Hamilton needs a Mayor like Hurricane Hazel McCallion
she gets things done ..

About 5 in October and 4 in April per season. Playoffs run thru June. We make the playoffs most years. Lots of warm weather games

i think it is quite simple really for ppl that live in the Hammer, take the bus. HSR offers free rides with game tickets. Have locations like Limeridge mall, Centre mall , Eastgate mall as pick up spots for a bus ride straight to the new stadium & back. Ride your bike I hear they may offer spots for bikes. Get together with friends and split on a cab. If parking for ppl that live in this city derails the stadium then not only r we lazy but very short sighted.


You hit the nail on the head. People are lazy. To plan based on anything else isn’t very smart. If its not convenient many people won’t come. Many will come reguardless of the convenience so the smart money is concentrate on the ones that need to be persuaded

Mangygoat: Maybe I am misreading your post......but HSR is doing all that right now from those locations. The only difference would be they would go to the new stadium location instead of IWS. It's a terrific system. I have used it several times from Limeridge and from downtown.
It will be interesting to see how things play out before the final decision is made. The suggestion for Bob and other businesses to fix up IWS instead would be my first choice but I would expect most local businesses would support the harbourfront location. Either way though, I think the fans will be served well.

Hamilton city council has made the decision this is Hamilton's stadium more than southern Ontario's stadium. So be it, I'm fine with that and I'm assuming city council is as well.

Some people just bitch to hear themselves bitch! Just be thankful we are getting a new stadium. Parking was NEVER a real issue at stadium they have now, and there is none there to begin with! So Stop your bitchin if you dont like where the new stadium is going or the parkng issues then STAY HOME! We dont want no whinners! CATS ROAR PUSSY CATS WHINE!!

Bruce you are wrong on several levels

  1. The Rheem site is the most convenient for me if its not IWS
  2. Parking is an issue at IWS as well
  3. I'm not whining, I'm pointing out shortcomings in the hope someone is listening long enough to fix them before they become an issue that hurts the football team and the city
  4. If everyone who points out the shortcomings (whines in your dictionary)of Rheem stays home the team won't get enough people to stay in buisness. People who whine are among the people that attend games now.

Nothing wrong with airing grievances. Conversation is how things get done -- if people like AKT don't voice their opinions then how can we say we've gathered all the ideas and selected the best one? Like it or not for many Hamilton fans this is their community and they should have a right to voice their thoughts on what is going on.

I may not agree with AKT, but I respect the fact that him being so vocal over his concerns and general initiation of discussion is probably not just being seen by the posters on Ticats.ca.

So instead of calling him a whiner, join the discussion.

as ron foxcroft said on chch news tonight, the west harbour wasn't his ist choice but now that it is he will support it and work to make it happen which everybody else should

They don't even know if they can build on the Rheem site yet. They still have to do soil analysis. The clean up cost is going to be a lot.

The businesses in the area will not be busier with 10 games per year.

A Friday game, people won't have time to come home from work, go downtown to eat or shop and then go to the game. People come home. Eat, relax for a bit and then go straight to the games.

Saturday nite games, everything is closed, except for restaurants.

The only time you will truly increase revenue for businesses (non-food) in the core is Saturday afternoon games.

Parking is not an issue for me. I don't pay for it now, I know a spot where you can park for $2 so it doesn't both me.

In reality, it's not really that much different than what we have now with the exception of more restaurants to eat at.

It's a little better for transit because you can walk down to the core and catch whatever bus you want.

I am still in favour of an airport stadium. It just makes more sense and you have the land to do what you want. You don't have to squeeze it in.

In the end, I'll go whereever the stadium is put.

Someone mentioned it before and I believe it merits repeating. If the Stelco property is acquired there is an opportunity to built an access road from York Blvd to the west side of the stadium site at Queen and Stuart. I could see this as being a road off York at the east end of Dundurn Castle near or on Rolph Gate running down the hill and across the southern edge of the rail lands incorporating both vehicular traffic and a bike path

Yeah, that'd be great if that land could be available for the waterfront/stadium. Plenty of room there for parking and road access.

I'm also curious to what the plans will be for the already existing city lands to the south of the Rheem site.

shrug I already sold my wife on the idea of buying a house in the west harbor area if the site is finalized. She said she just wants to stop renting and if being close to the new stadium is a big deal to me she'll hapily agree to finding a house somewhere there. So I should have a house in the area before the Cats move. I'll be more then happy to rent my front lawn to any of u fellas! :lol: