West Harbour.........a shocking toxic disaster?

Ironically, Matt Jelly, who seems to be all about fighting against Bob Young and the Tiger-Cats, may have just exposed the West Harbour area as a massive toxic dump to a degree that might expose the City of Hamilton's negligence and liability of huge proportions......

Take a look at these photos and ask yoorself two questions....

[url=http://www.raisethehammer.org/article/1123/hamilton_it's_about_time_we_had_a_little_talk]http://www.raisethehammer.org/article/1 ... ittle_talk[/url]
  1. What is in those barrels ??

  2. what is buried under the soil and especially under the concrete floors of the old Rheem factory ?

Is this another Love Canal they are trying to hide under a stadium?

I'm seriously shocked at these photos......... :x

(and what about the health of players, staff and kids who are supposed to use the stadium ? ) :roll:

Not sure but its a warm fuzzy wonderful way of promoting Hamilton.

Cant for the life of me figure out what stops investors ????? :roll:

What worries me is that we all know that some factions of organized crime, especially decades ago, made a fortune out of "disposing" of toxic waste for a fee with no questions asked........and with the West Harbour site being built on re-claimed swampland, what was buried in with the backfill and what is buried under the concrete pads of all the old factory floors?

Matt Jelly just showed us how responsible the City of Hamilton is in 2010 right under our noses.........imagine 50 years ago ?

Is this why they are desperate to cover it up with a stadium?

.......this is not good :roll:

Solution: Clean it up.

And if it turns out it can't be cleaned up ?

(example.........Love Canal)

What's really down there that they seem desperate to hide?

I think the Ministry of Health should be called in immediately after seeing Matt Jelly's photos .....that's scary stuff !

Jimmy Hoffa ??? :slight_smile:

Oh boy, this is not good, those photos are very revealing. I'm all for a new stadium but before any stadium happens, this mess needs to be cleaned up. The companies should pay for that but I guess that's not an option. If it is the city's responsibility, then the Future Fund is better used to clean this up rather than a stadium unless putting a stadium over it to cap it if you will is the lesser of two evils.

Not good.

:lol: maybe :?

Really this has sort of been mentioned where as they claimed clean up cost differ depending on what is built there.

Right or wrong ??? Who knows.

And Bratina now wants our city's kids to play in a stadium built on that toxic soup ? :roll: .........and professional players to play and train there?

I hope the CFLPA says...........NO FREAKING WAY !.......playing in a potential " Love Canal " isn't in the player's contract I wouldn't imagine :roll:

And how about the Pan Am athletes?

deerhunter wrote:
"and what about the health of players, staff and kids who are supposed to use the stadium ? "

deerhunter: Now this HAS to be the biggest stretch ever seen on this forum!

But...good work on the part of RTH.
Chris Murray has replied saying he is asking David Adames about it. I would love to hear THAT conversation!

I suppose the Argos and Blue Jays are all growing extra limbs and appendages from playing on a former rail yard and roundhouse...

Is it a stretch what deer is saying? Once the bulldozers go in and start msessing with this stuff and land, is it going to slowly release over time contaminants in the air? I wouldn't want to playing on top of it it it's not capped properly.

They made people tear our UFFI in houses because of the potential seepage, is this potentially that much different?

Hey, if it can be cleaned up fine but I think it's time for the Feds and/or province environment departments to come in and really find out what's there.

I agree Earl, because I think at least we can all agree that those photos raise a concern. Cant we ?

I'd love to hear that conversation also.......Matt Jelly should be the one commended for his investigative photos, although I'm sure his intention was not to finally take the stadium debate away from the West Harbour for good :wink: :lol:

........has anyone spoken to Erin Brockovitch lately? :wink:

If the soil is contaminated, the site can be capped and used for non-residential purposes. Any residential uses could be located on other parcels.


I'm as serious as a heart attack when I say this........the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Environment should seal this area off immediately until they can fully investigate those barrels and the fluids leaking from them.......and plan a course of action

..........we can't count on the City as Matt Jelly just showed........

....this is serious stuff and not a joke......

seeing photos like this really makes you lose all faith in the government.
this is pathetic.

clean it up, cap it and build the stadium overtop of it if safely possible.

But if there is "something toxic" buried there, instead of worrying about the health of the players or people "above it"...you should worry about how much is seeping into the harbour. To determine the toxicity, they would only have to drill a series of pilot holes and remove some core samples for testing. And personally, without having the opportunity to see the pictures yet, I found it amazing that the proposed clean up was only pegged at 3.5 million. (Can't recall where I read that or if I misinterpreted that number).

It makes me wonder if the WH site is so popular just to clean up this toxic mess? Would the costs to clean this be so large (with or without stadium) that the feds would have to get involved? Also if you read the comments on the website, somehow the ti-cats and Bob Young are the black sheep.