West Finals

Who do you WANT to win the West Final ? I've read a bunch of post since the West SEmi Finals and I think it's kinda of mixed so I thought I would take a poll.

.....I'll say BC, I think Edmonton might take it but I'd like to the see the hometown crew in the Grey Cup.......

I'm also hoping BC takes this one.

The Grey cup will be just much more crazier if BC is in it. Plus I hate the Esks :stuck_out_tongue:

This is going to be my first Grey Cup, and I do not want to the Eskimos to win. Mind you, I don't want the Lions to win...or Toronto.

if the home team is in the big game will make the Grey Cup party alot more fun?????...................so go Leo's...........plus don't like them darn Eskies


Actually who I want to win depends on who wins the East.

I'm Hoping for a BC Win, but with O'Missy Kicking.....I feel worried.....very worried

WOW! ENJOY , it is so much more than just a game on SUNDAY. :wink: :smiley:

I hope that you already have some tickets to allot of events. :smiley:

A… B.C. vs. ARGO , 2004 GREY CUP, rematch.

B.C. , will be better with B.C. , in it , no matter who wins in the EAST.

I picked Edmonton because I really don't care. I just think they'll win since the Lions haven't played in awhile.

I voted for Edmonton, simply because I don't think BC deserves to be i nthe Grey Cup.

Well, like I’ve said before, this poll was for who you WANT to win the West Final and not who is gonna win but seems to me that everyone is picking the Esks to win because of the the Lions’ performance in the last 7 games.

I’m optimistic the Lions will win because they are not expected to win.
The Lions in their last 3 games have only allowed an avg of 12 points per game with a 2-1 record. In the Lions’ last 3 losses, it was by a combined total of 6 pts. 2 of those 3 losses came on the last play of the game. For me, I have confidence in the Lions. I will gloat when the Lions win and if they happen to lose, well, it was to be expected.

Looks like everyone else but esky fans wants Eskischmoes to win....
Sorta like Picking Yoda over Darth Vader :slight_smile:

Go Darth Vader! :slight_smile: