West Final

This game could very well be decided on who wins the toss. Winds 30 gusting to 50 will have a huge impact . I think it's advantage Calgary with having a better run game .

Less than you'd think given the layout of Commonwealth. I've been field level on many uber-windy days and it tends to swirl a bit but it's intensity is muted except for high level punts and kicks. Both teams very experienced at playing in the wind too...think the layoff might be a bigger factor.

Jerome Messam is going to be the difference this afternoon. Still don't get why the Riders dealt him.

....He was a free agent at the end of the campaign Kenny 2, and they thought that he wasn't going to be re-signed...However he seemed to like it there and really put out for the riders...It's going to come back and haunt them next year :wink:

Even though I'm a Rider guy, I don't mind the Messam deal. I like that he gets to play for a winner. He earned it.

Plus the Stamps are my second team, so I'm cheering for them big time in today's Battle of the Best Teams.

Well, Ottawa won the Ontario Championship.

Who's gonna win the Alberta Championship?

Ottawa will be in tough next week no matter who they play. But in a one game shot ,anything can happen.

...probably those guys from Alberta


Did he say Stars instead of Sons? :expressionless:

And now we watch the game that should be played in Winnipeg at the end of the month.

Shitty crowd for Edmonton

Ottawa has beaten Calgary in the regular season, and Hamilton also beat Edmonton. I think this is a bit of exaggeration.

Please... Enough!

OK - I'll get my one negative comment for the day out of the way right now after watching that sensational EDF.

Why so many empty seats in Edmonton on such a spectacular day? I know its a huge stadium - but considering it is against Calgary - their biggest rival just 3 hours down the road - I really expected to see a bigger crowd. I'm surprised and disappointed.

Here's hoping they deliver another classic like we just saw in the East.

Edmonton fans a bunch of pussies. Can't take a little cold

I meant to put a smilie in there but missed it. My bad. I was just being an excrement disturber . :smiley: :twisted:

Glad they made it, but why go for two so early in the game? Sending a message? :expressionless:

What's the wind like?

There was only 26k in Calgary last week as well, on an absolutely perfect day for November football. Disappointing for sure. It is rather hard to tell how many people are in Commonwealth though, could be 40k in there and it's tough to tell on TV.