West Final

What’s the word in Calgary? In all liklihood Calgary will win against BC on the Oct 22 which will put a lock on first in the West. What’s the word in Calgary - will Huff reduce the playing time of some of his key players against Hamilton and Winnipeg?

Any long term weather forcast fo Nov 21? If the weather is normal that being cold - could mean a running game would be in order.

I was thinking the same thing about sitting players. Sit burris for both games if they beat bc. Same with some recievers. IIR the ALS sat many starters near the end against Toronto and still won. November is looking cold... Real cold. So when the play Edmonton in the west final it's going to be run vs run for sure

I don't know about anyone else but I'm hoping we play Edmonton in the west final. Bc has had out number lately. And we know if it's sask they will bring as many fans as we do. And there is no way the riders are going to play in the playoffs like they have lately. It will be a different rider team If they come to the west final. Edmonton was a team we made look stoopid 3 times in a row. I don't see it being different in the west final.

After watching the Stampeders in the Hamilton and Winnipeg game, it appears Coach Huff has them peeking at the right time. The Stampeders players could have played at 50% but they came to play. It will likely be the Riders coming out of the Semi finals. The Stampeders have just too many weapons on offence and defence for the Riders to handle.