WEST FINAL- who will win and how?

too bad there are people who wanna take away that right.

no, sorry, very low blow there.

Back on topic. Anyone know if McLoughlin has recovered from his injury and is ready to play on sunday? If not, the Lions will probably have a very hard time with field goals from O'Mahoney who hasn't kicked in a month, and when he was he was doing horrible.

Buono’s playing real coy with the reporters. Apparently Mark tried out a few kicks and then disappeared. He is listed as being on the roster. But Buono said he’ll make his decision closer to game time.

The fact that he tried a few kicks is a releif…Did you feel that wind go by? That was us letting our breaths out as we may not have to rely on Duncan O’Missy now.

Sean Fleming said in the paper today that he doesn't think that McLoughlin will be ready for sunday. In fact, he said it was "impossible" for him to be ready to play with the injury he had. As an Esks fan, i hope hes right so we can see Duncan O'missy miss some more.

Sorry , ESKS fans , but EDMONTON do have a great team.....but , B.C. have to have a great game some time.

And sorry , the GREY CUP , will be more fun with B.C. , in it.

I would like a 2004 GREY CUP rematch , instead of a 2000 GREY CUP rematch!

Lions win, even though O'mahony misses a bunch of kicks. How? Sad but true the Leos coaching staff all step up in preparation for missed field goals and adjust accordingly.

All players are ready mentally, even O'mahony who laughs when Crumb "pulls a Lucy" on him, and, while flat on his back cackles, "I'm Charlie Brown! Why's every one always picking on me? I'm Charlie Brown!"

But 82 Clermont snaps, no one should be happy in this situation. He paints his face black and has a monster game on offence... defence and special teams: TD receiving, INT for TD, and after punting football 102 yds into Eskis endzone, recovers it for TD. :twisted:

I watched CFL Countdown today, and I think that they said that McLoughlin was playing. S***! I doubt that he's 100% though, and could easily get Injured again.

Well, last night game was definally the Esk in a close one eh?