WEST FINAL- who will win and how?

I think the eskimos are gonna beat the lions this weekend in a blow-out, regardless of which qb starts. Earlier in the year vs. bc, i made a similar poll in the esks forum where i picked the esks in a close one, but i've changed my views this time around.

Edmonton will be leading by two points. The Lions will march down to the Edmonton 25 with 4 seconds left in the game. In trots Duncan O'Missy....The Kick is up....Wide left... Tomkins kneels down for a single ,Edmonton wins by 1

God I hope I'm wrong!

Or BC will be up by 2
Edm will march to the 25, DM will take off his headset and accept congradulations from the team and the kick wil be blocked.

Hey.....where've I seen that before??

or Edmonton wins by one cuz of a missed FG. that would be cool! shows how bad BC's D really is if they let that happen. and how good Edmonton's Offence is.

BC Doesn’t have bad D…Its the offensive line thats been a problem all year long.
As well as Duncan O’'Missy.

Ussually to prove a defense is bad, it has to beat up by a Bad offence. Also to prove an offence is good it must excel against a Great defence. Its hard to prove both of these things in the same game, especially by Edmonton losing by a missed FG.

Leave the football stuff to the rest of the forumn.

All I was staying or trying to say Billy is that if Edmonton or any team for that matter, wins on a missed FG, then it's the other team's D problem cuz they let the Offensive get into FG range.

I'm just thinking in the context of the Canadian game. On FG Singles, it's always the D that fails, not the O.

If a defense can hold a team to under 20 points, I wouldn’t say the defense is bad. Besides, it could be special teams. What if a punt results in a return to your own 20 yard line and the other team kicks a winning FG then it isn’t the defenses fault…It’s special teams!

Or an interception that puts them in field goal range. then its the offences fault.
And letting a team into field goal range does not neccesarily mean that the defence is Bad at all. All defences get scored on. Good and Bad ones.

Again I will go back to the above statement about you staying away from football related coments.

[quote=“Billy_Soup”]Or an interception that puts them in field goal range. then its the offences fault.

Good one Billy, I was just thinking about that one when you posted it.

When two good teams play it always comes down to the special teams, Esks by a TnT punt return TD

Sportsman- I think you are undervaluing your BC leos. O'Dickenson will dissect the eskimos defence and even if he does not, O'printers can step in and give the eskimo defence fits. Coach O'buono must have faith in his kickers , and , with O' anderson, O'McLoughlin and O' Mahoney he has lots of choices. At least he does not have to rely on O'McCallum for a 15 yarder to win like we did last year against you Leos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best of Luck

B.C…will win in a semi close one.

if I did that Billy, then I woldn't be here.


is it the kickers fault for missing the FG, yes

is it the fault of the O line that they got the single instead of an FG for the efforts to drive back the D? NO!!! it's the other way around.

Ok BC is good yes. No doubt still number 1. But the Esks hae gone on highs an d lows all season. But they still beat BC with adn without Troy Davis. I think the running game will give them a ver large advantage in BC, and i hink the way they are acting like Wally and keeping the QB secret s a good idea. Ray is good but Maas threw a much better game to come back in the last game.

This is like talking to seven year old who has seen 3 football games in his life and now thinks he knos all about the game.

I won't even go into why you are wrong. I will let you figure it out on your own

thought you weren't going to talk to me anymore, Billy. What happend?

I think Saskargo put you in your place.

Kanga, When I read your ridiculous posts over and over again, where you state something as Fact yet it is completely wrong, I can't stop myself. Watch the game some more. If you didn't write so much crap and actually read what some of the very knowledgable fans on this site say youwould learn a lot more. Do the seen but not heard thing for awhile, I think it would give a lot of us peace for a bit.

And try not to bring your little hero into it, I think we all know how well liked she is in these parts.

relax people . This is a place for opinion and ideas.That is why we come here , to talk , to learn and hopefully have some fun.