West Final - What to watch for

Should be a great day for Football here in Calgary. Weather is not a factor, the Battle of Alberta. The CFL's best offence vs the CFL's best defence. The key is whether or not Cornish is fully healthy and if the Eskimo D can stop him. They haven't so far, is this the time for the Eskimo's D Line to shine. The key to this game is controlling the line of scrimmage, both ways.

If Reilly is mobile, the Eskimo's can win this one but he is also a question mark.

I look for Reilly to come up big and as the saying goes, "defence wins Championships".

Prediction, Edmonton wins in a the "game of the year" in the CFL.

The real Grey Cup IMO. Should be a good game. I think Edmonton will win by double digits as Calgary struggles in the playoffs.

No excuses for either team. Weather is ideal. The big factor may be the pressure faced by the Stamps. Edmonton should be loose. It seems like a bit of an Oxymoron but Calgary is the favourite, Edmonton should be favoured. If Calgary falls behind early, their collars will be getting real tight.

What to watch for is my alcohol consumption. If the Esks fall behind, someone please have the decency to call 911. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but seriously, the key is Reilly. He was moving around very gingerly last week. His health is key. If he can move, Esks are fine. If he can't, things could get very interesting. But an immobile Reilly is still better than Nichols.

If Reilly isn't mobile I think Calgary takes it in a laugher. If he's healthy it should be a close game. I still think Calgary takes it, they proved it in the regular season that they're the better team, although they do have some playoff demons to slay as well.

Cornish missed 1 of the regular season games, Reilly missed 2 as well. The first game between them was largely decided by stupid coaching by Chris Jones, the other 2 games Calgary were in control throughout.

1st loss to Calgary was all on Chris Jones and stupid decisions. 2nd and 3rd losses, the Esks didn't have Reilly or White, will they make a difference, I think it will.it will be close game, two question marks are the health of Reilly and Cornish.

Here we go. 15 minutes until kickoff. Go Eskimos! (Even though I picked Calgary. lol)

Obviously the two players that got their teams here and how healthy they are: Cornish and Reilly.

And Brandon Banks, I think he might have an impact on this game too.... :smiley:

John White come up big again PLEASEE

I look away for 1 minute and they score a TD.. every single f in time

Not how I was hoping this game would start...

Three consecutive three-and-outs. Looks like the defence and special teams are gonna have to carry the team again.

Guess we'll beat them on the outside lmao

Eskimos are getting their dink and dunk going. I think that's only going to be effective for so long, need to mix it up more.

Clearly Jones thinks Reilly can win this game without his mobility.....
This is the downfall of the Eskimos... it will be a Stamps/Cats Grey Cup!

Gonna be another Edmonton shellacking at the hands on Calgary. The penalties are starting to pile up.

Wow Esks penalties are racking up quick

It stings even more when you take stupid penalties on a positive play by the other team. 14-1 Calgary now.

I didn't know Hugh O Neil was on the Stamps. LOL

What happened to all the West kickers this year? Paredes and Milo both had great seasons last year, and regressed significantly this year. Edmonton never had a good kicker, and meanwhile old Pauly keeps ticking and is the best West kicker now.