West Final Tickets

Are you going? The wife and I bought our tickets when they went on sale. Starting to check the mailbox every day, anxious for their arrival. Have you received yours yet?

Have had ours in the vault for the past 5 months! :rockin:

Good man Beag. I can't believe that there's only 2 games left at BC Place for the season. Its been a very memorable season for me in an out of BC Place. First year season ticket holder and got married in August back home in Halifax. Watched the Lions-Bombers game the night before the wedding (Aug 24) that's how much this football team means to me. It was incredible to see the Lions pull off a hard fought win on the eve of my wedding.. it certainly wasn't the most important thing that weekend obviously but it was an extra cherry on top of the cake. Its been a real pleasure as a fan to see the team grow over the year and see some young stars begin to emerge. A team putting up 12 wins with a rookie head coach is remarkable. Benevides and co. have done an outstanding job. To Wally's credit he sure as heck laid a solid foundation and put the team in the position to enjoy the success its having.

I've been looking on ticketmaster over the past week and looks like ticket sales for the west final are going well. I'm hoping that we, the fans, can generate the same kind of numbers as last year's game. That was over the top and deafeningly loud. My ears were ringing and throat was raw from yelling after the game... totally worth it! Looking forward to cheering on the boys again next month. But first, bring on the Stamps and Riders.


Congratulations BCCaper. I do hope your bride enjoys football as much as you appeat to. :smiley:
Yes, it has been quite the year and you’re right about the new rookie head coach. He has some good talent to work with so some might think he had it easy. Fans need to remember that at one point 7 of his starters were out with injuries. Some still are. And yet Benevides has found a way to keep on winning. I’m thinking that the Calgary loss was an anomaly and will be quickly corrected November 03 against SSK. It was just totally not the Lions to go down 24 points in 9 minutes. Over all they actually didn’t play that badly once they got on track but they spotted the Stamps too many darn points to be able to catch up.

Last year’s Western Final was against Edmonton. There were over 40,000 ravenous fans and the excitement was electrifying. I suspect we’ll have something similar. Look for 50,000+ if the Western Final is against Saskatchewan. Don’t know about Calgary but it should be good too. For some reason the last couple of Western Finals against SSK played in BC Place have drawn crowds of 50,000+. I’m sure the owners were salivating.

Do enjoy the game next week and scream your head off in the Western Final cause if the Lions make it to the 2012 Grey Cup and win they will make franchise history by winning back to back Grey Cups.

Thanks for the congrats Beagle!

Our West Final tickets arrived in the mail today!

I’m looking forward to the game - I like the way Tickmaster now sells … choose your own seats! Actually got to pick aisle seats with no one sitting behind us right by the section entrance! Plus you can see how well tickets are selling.

36,000 sold as of Monday a.m. Just looking at Ticketmaster and the lower bowl seems to be sold out. The top looks to be about just over 50% sold. Best guess - 40k so far.

45,000 would be fantastic!

I've got my tickets. I fly out of Prince George tomorrow after work. Got my fingers crossed for a big crowd.

You are going to have a stellar time Chronicguy. Glad you'll be able to make it to the game. Count on it. I figure you'll be 1 of 42,000+. Last year's Western Final was pure raw excitement when the Lions faced Edmonton. The Stampeders will be gunning for the Lions and the Lions will match them. I believe Lulay will out do Glenn but Glenn has been very good all year. I'm hoping Williams is in the line-up.

My one concern is the return of Geroy Simon. He's good but if Lulay leans on him too heavily it may be our undoing. There are plenty of other star receivers that can't wait to get their mitts on the ball and will get the job done if give the chance.

This is going to be the Cornish vs Harris battle for ground game supremacy. I think the Lions can shut Cornish down. I don't think the Stamps can shut Harris down.

I'm sure i will. I always do :slight_smile: Even more so this season because being at the games is a treat now compared to previous seasons of being able to go to every game.

Oh no.... beagle..... you didn't drink the kool-aid that guru has been trying to pass around have you?? :frowning:

If you don't read my full post in guru's game thread.. at least read the first few paragraphs. The case can be made that they need to lean more on Simon than they have done so far this season.

Ticket sales have reached 40,000 as of Friday.

Ahhhh...that is what I like to hear! Let's hope they get 42,000+ I want to buy several 50/50 tickets.

I haven't had any of Guru's kool-aid Chronicguy and I did read your post in its entirety. You present some compelling arguments. I must admit though that I am of the persuasion that based on what I've seen this season in terms of Geroy's play and the other receivers I would not use Geroy as the go to guy. I'm saying this only because of what I've seen. I'm not saying don't pass the ball to him. What I'm saying is that if the production is not there from the very start of the game then it will be mistake if coaches decide to go with experience rather than sheer talent. Guys like Moore, Gore, Iannuzzi and E. Jackson are all excellent receivers in my opinion. I think that's what the guru is saying. Coaches can get into a mindset. Buono was like that. When he should have changed his game plan he continued going with the old guard. That was a mistake. Chaps has been accused of the same thing. When his mind is made up no one seems able to change it.

Geroy has not seen his last days and there is where the guru and I disagree but I do not believe Geroy is the star and the go to guy on the Lions receiver corp. I think there are other receivers who are better and would be the better choice. I hope Geroy proves me wrong.

It looks like you might have gotten your wish. The latest count had sales at 43,000