WEST FINAL , tickets sales? Any one know?

Tickets sales for the WEST FINAL , any one know? THANKS! :smiley:

Brutal. From the Lions' web site, 32,500 as of today. Prediction ranges from 42,000 to 47,000. We seat 58,000, and its frickin' indoors, man!

Probably gonna look the the Big O in the semis, lower bowl packed to capacity, upper bowl, notsomuch. LOOO have mercy.

this isn't good, it was musch higher last year, thank god the Grey Cup is sold out

thanks , I wonder why , so low? I think it will pick up.

its so low, for the same reason montreals semi was so low...cuz the team looked bad down the stretch...which made some fans decide to watch from home.

And a lot of people have spent lots of money on the GC. People only have so much money for entertainment. No one would even be mentioning anything if the Lions played in a great outdoor 26,000-30,000 seat stadium, everyone would be talking about great, a sellout, it's going to be a great time.
Man I hope that the CFL one day doesn't have any stadiums bigger than 35,000 at the most, that would be super.

wouldnt it be a better wish, to hope the league can pack every BIG stadium on a regular basis…?

yeah, but cities with populasions under a million should just have stadiums around 35,000 or 40,000.

Bigger cities need stadiums some where in the range of 50,000.

thats the case already.
winnipeg, hamilton, calgary, regina ( sask ) all have populations less than 1 million and all have 35 000 seats OR LESS.

or more, it depends.

one thing is for sure, it’s messed up that Montreal Al’s play in a stadium of 25,000 when there city has a populasion of 2or 3 million.

if they could expand molson stadium to 30 000 without screwing up all the city view, im sure they would do it, and still sell-out every game!

theyre trying to expand without ruining the view of the city to keep that atmosphere true!

Read my lips:


but the BIG O has NO vibe to it at all

...that's partly why the semi drew 31 000 ....and the owner is saying they might not go back, because fanes HATE going there....not because they couldnt draw 50 000...but those 50 000 hate that place!

if they had a different 50 000 seat stadium, in a different part of town, they prolly could draw 40-50 000 every game!

ah, fix the roof to let some air in and add a women's touch here and there and it will be as good as new.

the Georgia Dome is abou the same.

even if they renovate the place ( like they did to the skydome/rogercentre )...that could be a big gamble, cuz people complain about the location aswell....thats one thing they could NEVER fix.

so say they dump millions of dollars to fix it, but people still dont come, cuz of bad location, then they wasted millions.

KK, have u seen the planes to renovate percival molson stadium?....looks amazing!

[url=http://www.montrealalouettes.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=1300&KEY=&ATCLID=130138]http://www.montrealalouettes.com/ViewAr ... LID=130138[/url]

the combination of: the Als jersey design being similar to the montreal canadians, AND the retro stadium ...makes the Als seem like they have been part of montreal since 1910 rather than 1996...lol ( i know they were around b4 1996, but they folded )

yes I have, but a 25,000 stadium like that of Molson would be fantasic for a city ike Winnipeg or Regina, not Montreal

I never see Molson as a pro stadium until it's at least 30,000 seats.

i would like to see them reconfigure it to 30 000 as well....there is a section in the expansion plans that has no seats at all and isnt blocking any city view...im curious why they dont build seats there?

im refering to the second picture from the link i provided.

on the right side of the endzone bleechers, there is nothing at all...the endzone bleechers SHOULD continue all the way around til it conects with the sideline seats.

does anyone know why they left that spot seatless?

then they coulda made those endzone bleechers higher to add extra capacity.

so they COULD get 30 000 in there, i guess.

It looks great. THANKS once again…D.G. You and argotom , are certainly on the ball with your info!!! :smiley:

make Molson at less 30,000 (that is pretty generous considering that a pro stadium in a city like Montreal should be 40,000), then we'll tak

ok? CFL fans

I think that it would be more appropriate to add more seats in the endzone(picture 2 in the link). The seats there should be almost as high as the sideline seats that they meet and should completely wrap around if they wanted to get the most out of the stadium without interupting city views. Right now, i think that Molson Stadium is pretty pathetic with only 20,000 seats, hopefully this reno helps out.