West Final Sellout?

Will it be a sell out ?

If not, why ?

Canada’s Team they like to be called, built stadium to accomodate a supposed higher demand.

Shouldnt it be a sell-out?

Looking at ticketmaster there are only about 500 tickets left, it’ll sellout easily. Remember, Mosaic Stadium seats 33,500 people, much larger than little stadiums like THF.

…it’ll be a sell out, no problem…

Ticats fans didn’t make up a title of “Canada’s team”. We’re happy to be Hamilton’s team.

What does that have to do with anything?

Ps. Rooting for Ticats in EF. ?

Well it was you who brought up the subject of Tim Horton’s field which is in Hamilton.


Though not because you’re an age old Tiger-Cat fan…


You Bomber fans come here, like our way of life, you love our Boh and Pilsner, everything we fought for, at least spend a couple bucks and put a watermelon on your head :o

Careful there Grover you might get yourself fired . ;D

If Mosiac doesn’t sell out for a WF (ever), then the league is in deep poopoo.

I think, if you find an empty seat in either stadium, then someone is in the bathroom.

If the WF is sold out or not, you won’t be able to buy draught beer or fountain pops.

They turned off the lines so they don’t freeze.

THF might be small, but we have beer flowing from the taps and we don’t need no covered stands.

Hmm, The high on Sunday is 0 in Hamilton and plus 4 in Regina as per weather Network…


Would expect nothing less from Rider nation. Whose idea was it to troll the best attended CFL team anyways?

I thought I would put it in terms someone from down east - near Hamilton - will understand:

"Don’t you worry big shooter, it will sell out.

You better go get yourself, straightened out.

Pitter, patter - lets get at 'er" - LetterKenny

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yeah! No sissy California boys need apply to buy donuts let alone a ticket to the Ticats game in Hamilton! Mr. Horton will just say “No!”



Thems be playing in that league down south, don’t they?


If the Riders sell out the WSF then that’s pretty darn excellent. It’s so easy to sit at home these days and watch on a 65 inch TV. It was not like before. And Regina has 250k people. It’s the best CFL story going.

No one else can hold a candle to the Riders and their fans. And this from a Bombers fan. Go Blue.

Two questions:

  1. Are standing room seats sold for games at Mosaic Stadium?

  2. Does Premier Scott Moe attend games? If so, where does he sit, with the crowd or in a private government bigwig box?


  1. Yes. Pil Country is all standing room and there are plenty of spaces around the stadium to stand outside of Pil Country as well.
  2. I would think he does.