West Final...here we go!

Well here we are, the 2 best fanbases, 1 guarenteed to make the final.

Riders are on a high, while Bombers have been resting & waiting. Bombers have owned the Riders past few years, and playing at home where they have only lost once since 2019 for a 15-1 record.

Someone speed this week up!


Both fan bases want the game to be right now.... One group will sadly not like the outcome.... Still saying the Bombers are the ones who will be the Victor's... They are just head and shoulders above all others


I have planned my entire day around football on Sunday.

10AM PST: My beloved Philadelphia Eagles play.
1:15PM PST: Switch out of my Eagles Jersey to my Bombers Jersey (My Favorite CFL Team):
2PM PST: GAME ON! GO BOMBERS! It is going to be a great game.



Oh ya, but as fav's, this one would sting right up there with 2001 as painful

Yea, the green fan base has experience with " oh my god how did that happen"

The only chance Riders have is if the Blue Bombers are rusty.

I don't see a whole lot of ways that the Riders can beat the Bombers, they're just far more dominant in the trenches. That said, single elimination, tons of pressure on Winnipeg. Nobody would have predicted a 14-4 Bomber team losing to an 8-10 Stamps team previously either, or a 9-9 Rider team knocking off a 16-2 Esk team.


Well, the whole key for the bombers is keeping collaros healthy.

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The Bombers will require much more than rust for the game to be lost by them. Cow town would have fared no better...and the fact that that team lost in the semi should NOT be lost or overlooked by the red colored glasses fan base

Exactly. So many things can happen in a 1 and done.
Doesn't matter what they did all season, the team still has to show up and play their game Sunday.

Not looking like Harris will play :angry:
That alone levels the field a bit.


So, why is Harris not playing(possibly) is he still injured. Man that guy is unstoppable.

Could this game be better than the Grey Cup? Should be a doozie!


I believe it will be, I fully expect Saskatchewan to show up looking for vengeance re: 2019 WF & everything 2021 between the two of them.

Last year Wpg vs Riders was WF was a great game as well all the way to the final play, bounce off the crossbar. Sorry couldn't resist taking that jab, after all it's playoff season. :football:


Not a jab, that was heartbreaker for sure though. The BIG take away form last years final...the Bombers really improved, the riders lost a lot of key elements that made them good in 2019

Latest appears to be that he is not even taking the field at practice. Only showing up in civvies. Looks like he is out for the year.

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I checked in a Bomber site, as far as A. Harris no real update, just states "may not play"

However their is a WF prediction on that page.
Sask. 10 Wpg 27

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Or clever gamesmanship, nobody has to practice, you only need to declare your team before the deadline.

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Did not know he really banged up his knee that bad in the Elk game

Yup. On a non contact play. Landed awkward.

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That thought crossed my mind but doubt it. No need and O'Shea is no Belichik.