West Final-game thread

Cates and Flick in

Come on Cates we need a big game from ya bud.

Go Green or go home!!!!

There are 3 game day threads. I think we need a merge.
Lets go Green Machine!

Time to hold up your end of the bargain. Winnipeg/Saskatchewan Grey Cup baby!


Go Bombers!

Eskylo you posted 2 of them yourself and me the other. Well just use this one then.

It's been taken care of.

Hey red

I always say, if you cant beat em, join em.

Now i need to put on a green shirt. Must have one
somewhere in my closet.

Keep them honest, they can smoke the pipe, just dont
pipe the noise.

Holy moley...that camera shot of the cheerleaders with facial hair to support the Leos sure opens up a truckload of joke options...

Did you say your comming out of the closet? lol
I know I joined them when calgary lost to them. I hope its not catchy. They are a good bunch though.

I agree with you jm02 just doesn't look right. Shiver, shiver

Be nice if Joseph can start off strong.

Just about to kick off.

Heres to a good clean game!

Go Riders Go!

May all the " football Gods " be with the Riders today. Wow, I think I crossed over to the other side! The RIDERS SIDE that is. GO,GO, GO Riders. ( I was born in Saskatchewan so maybe there is some truth about being born a Rider.

Buono should have put one of those fakes on. Would
look better then that thing he tried growing.

Only in Vancouver would the game wait for the fans
to get there.

Did they take a wrong turn??

that wasnt very smart.....ok Joseph capitalize!

First turnover of the game!!!!!

ATTA BOY ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantuz is that good.....td good guys!

Any other rider fans like to see Shirko in that much pain????