West Final Game Thread - Calgary vs. Sask. (4 p.m., TSN)

Hi folks,

Game two of Finals Sunday is in Regina as the Stamps and Riders battle for the West crown -- enjoy!

Oski Wee Wee,



Go Gang Green! :wink:

Ah, we can agree on that.

Will the home crowd at Taylor field make the difference, making us wonder what decibel levels are again? Will Hufnagel have the Als where he wants them again?

This will hopefully be better than the EDF game.

Go Riders!!!!

Technical difficulties? I was wondering why the game was not being broadcast yet. Need to find radio station.

Suitor's tinfoil hat is OUT OF RANGE! YAY!

:D :D :D

3-0 Calgary...


Black: "We are efforting..."

I don't have to listen to him until the frickin' Olympics. LMAO

We had to listen to more of him than we wanted.

Efforting? Did Walby give him some tips on broadcasting?

Ah, finally we can SEE this game. Bye bye Black.

Uh oh, there goes audio?

"Can you get to security?" What? :slight_smile:

Black: "Can you get to security?"



I think there is an ARMY of crazed figure skaters who have snapped. LOL

Run Roddy run!

This watermelon on my head is uncomfortable...

Oh yeah? Tom is balancing a horse on his. LMAO :wink:

Burris is a CHICK MAGNET (TM) today! LOL

Ah, if only. :slight_smile:

I think it’s one of those things you get used to. Rider fans don’t seem to mind it.

Interesting to see CFL logo over the Mosaic logo on the field.

Go Stamps Go !!


Not quite the explosive start as the EDF eh?

I don't agree on that I HATE the Riders. Not as much as the blew team, but I do hate them. I lived in Sask for a few years and grew to dislike 'em at that time and started to hate them when they destroyed our pefect record back in 2003. lol.

LOL. Nice try, Foord, but the whistle was blown as your forward progress was stopped. You lost yards.

Rider offence not looking good so far. This is Durant's first career playoff game.