West Final Forecast

Although I have little faith in the weather man, the forecast for Sunday in Calgary is a balmy 0. Hope that for once they got the forecast right. I can leave my electric socks at home. May have to down some kind of hot beverage as opposed to the traditional beer though.

On second thought, I think I will bring the socks, get some fresh batteries and stick with the beer. :cowboy: :thup:

A familiar forecast for the EDF at THF. High of 7C that day with 70% chance of rain. About matches the weather we've had for a couple of recent home games.

Couple years worth of home games!

LOL - yup. Forget putting t-shirts on the seats like the Cats did before the last home game - give us rain ponchos. They would get well used with all the rain our home games have had recently. :smiley: