West Final: Esks vs Lions

Yeah that’s the one and there all screaming through i Mic that’ :wink: s connected to 100 speakers.

I didn't say anything about positions. I'm talking in general terms about whining about injuries. Futile. You won't get any sympathy because all teams go through it - although I will admit the Eskimos got hit harder at one point in the season than most. But BC had starters go down like 9 pins late in the season: Elimimian, Foster, Hunt, Reddick, Harris, Brown....

Edmontons top 3 receivers missed a total of 14 games due to injury. B.C.'s missed a grand total of 4.

The point was made: Earl wrote:
"Lions will win this one but it's going to be a close one. Lulay is the real deal and Ray doesn't have the receivers the Lions have."

I am simply disputing that fact, I repeat: Edmonton had 3 of the top 11 receivers in the CFL. Those 3 also missed 14 games due to injury. B.C. had one in the top 11 (also had #12 & 13). Those 3 missed a total of 4 games.

The point was made in response to Earls assertion that Ray doesn't have as good a receiving corps as Lulay. I am of the opinion and I believe the stats back me up, that Edmonton has a better receiving corps.

If we control the time of possession with either Messam McCarty or Charles we will win if we get into a run and gun shootout it will be BC.

ESks all the way.

Injuries are overrated and a weak excuse for losing in football. Unlike basketball, injuries are less important because of large rosters and decent backup players. Despite many injuries, BC still defeated Edmonton in latest meeting. This season, BC has proven mastery over Edmonton by winning 3 of 4 games. Single early loss is most irrelevant because both teams are different now. Edmonton is not facing BC in a slump. Besides, 4 games are a better measure than any one game.

We could argue whether injuries are overated till the cows come home, few people would agree with you however.

Nobody however is making any excuses. The point is that the claim was made that B.C. had better receivers than Edmonton. I am merely pointing out that the statistics don't agree with that claim. Eskimo's top 3 receivers averaged 4.85 catches and 79.38 yards per game. Lion's receivers averaged 4.04 catches and 60.9 yards per game. Is this so difficult to grasp on the left coast.

Even taking these overated injuries out of the picture, Edmonton's top receivers put up 3175 yards as opposed to 3045 for B.C.'s top receivers.

No excuse whatsoever, the Eskimos receivers put up better numbers that the Lions.

Wow, a whole 130 yards better over an 18 game schedule! :roll:

Sarcasm aside, don't you think that if you're going to keep driving a point home ad nauseum VOR, that it should be a clear statistical advantage rather than a negligable amount, even factoring in injuries? Both teams have weapons - Stamps and Bowman / Simon and Bruce. I think it's safe to say that both teams possess dangerous receivers; I don't think you can say one team has a clear advantage over the other.

speaking of injuries, messam is out.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/knee-injury-knocks-messam-out-for-rest-of-season]http://www.cfl.ca/article/knee-injury-k ... -of-season[/url]

I don't disagree that both teams have great receivers, I am simply refuting the statement made by a B.C. fan that the Lions have a better receiving corps. The amount is not negligable when you take into account that the total was accheived in 10 fewer games as a group. Not an excuse, a fact.

Again I was not the one making the claim it was on of your guys. I merely pointed out he was wrong. And if I am driving a point home ad nauseum, it is because of the B.C. posters inability to read what is said. But just in case you are unable for some reason to read the original post, here it is, one more time.

Earl wrote:
"Lions will win this one but it's going to be a close one. Lulay is the real deal and Ray doesn't have the receivers the Lions have."

I guess I could just agree and say that Ray in fact doesn't have the receivers the Lions have, he has better receivers.

That I think was obvious on Sunday. Too bad the kid had a great year, much to the chagrin of B.C. fans. But I think his absence will prove to be a rallying point for the Eskimos and Charles may just match up better against the B.C. defence which is very strong against a power runner like Messam. Don't be totally surprized if the Eskimos make a roster change and go with another import at RB.

Are you serious? :lol: I'm with rhymes, both teams are solid at receiver.

Sorry, one correction, Earl it seems is a Tiger-Cat fan, not a Lions fan. Wrong feline.


Statistics can be worked to make any case valid. For example:

Against B.C. this season Ray threw for 966 yards. Ricky Ray threw 20 passing TDs during the season.
Lulay on the other hand threw for over 1200 yards against Edmonton over the 4 games and on the entire season threw 32 passings TDs. Which team has the better receiving corp?

Conclusion? Based on the stats I've provided it suggests that the Lions have the better receiving corp. Personally I do think the Lions receiving corp as a "corp" is better than what Edmonton has to offer.

I agree with you beagle, statistics can be and often are misleading. Once again I am merely disputing the blanket statement that B.C. has better receivers. Both teams have a great 3 starters and the season match up is extremely close when you take into account that all 3 of Edmontons starters missed the middle blow out. This though is precisely why I think the lions are over-confident. That middle game throws the season match up out of whack. These two teams are not far apart and anybody who thinks it will be a cake walk is in for a surprize, IMHO. If the Lions take the Eskimos lightly, they will pay and I for one think they will.

We'll see Sunday night, should be an interesting match-up, both teams on a bit of a role, although I don't think B.C. takes anything from the Montreal game other that false expectations.

Sue me.


what's that? the Esks chances on Sunday with the news about Messam!

Charles can't block, so he's no good.

McCarty is no Messam.. oh oh.

the Lions will be able to focus more on Ray (but they'll still watch the RB's)..

of all the news for the Esks, this is the worst story they could get.

This is how I see the match-ups. This is just one person’s opinion, debatable in that no team holds an absolute clear advantage:

QB - EVEN (Lulay is finalist for MOP, although you might give the nod to Ray given his playoff experience)
OLINE - BC (given up the fewest sacks in the league)
RB - EDM (but without Messam it’s EVEN)

DLINE - BC (depth alone. Consider that they’ll likely have to sit one of: Keron Williams - their best defensive player this year IMO, Khalif Mitchell, Eric Taylor, Aaron Hunt, Khareem Smith, or Brent Johnson…all healthy)
LINEBACKERS - BC (slight edge, depends on health of Sherritt)
SECONDARY - EDM (too many ballhawks)

Fairly good assessment. I would pick Edmonton receivers and I think Hugh Charles gives the Eskimos another weapon coming out of the backfield. I also think that the lines are close, particulary the D line, with Eskimos coming on strong late in the season. O line I agree that right now the Lions have the edge. The patched up Eskimo O-line though has been nothing if not resilient.

I think this game will be won by the abily of that Eskimo O-line to give Ray time to find his receivers. I also think, as I've said before, it is very important for either team to get off to a good start. The team that scores first is likely to win the game. On the B.C. side, a lot will hinge on Lulays ability to handle the playoff pressure and the Esks ability to put some heat on him.

Wish I could be there, still got one chance with 6/49 and one with lotto max.

personally B.C. has the advantage in most categories.

Esks may have a slight edge in receivers.

they have 2 RB's that are capable of making you pay dearly.

their Secondary has Ball Hawks too.

their defense is scary just ask Calvillo... :stuck_out_tongue:

with Messam out, the Esks don't have the same effective running game and Charles is overrated. Riders didn't use him because he was a terrible blocker! plus his hands CAN be suspect.

the First time Ray gets pummelled in the back because Charles missed his block.. you'll see.

I love cfl putting the jinx on BC. Thanks, man. :smiley:

ok…but it works both ways right? :lol:

ESKS by 30! 8)