West Final: Esks vs Lions

Lions are well rested - Edmonton now have to prep with Charles? None the less, it is what it is…Go Eskies

No excuses, Eskimos are relatively unscathed. Should be a good game. Lalay will be spending a lot of time on his butt, Eskimos all the way.

in your dreams…

It's good to have dreams. Better than nightmares. :cowboy:

Why? He's not constipated is he?

The only thing that worries me is the piped in noise the Lions like to use during the game.

Here we go again

My moneys on the Lions, would not be surprised if Jarious Jackson was the MVP of the game. If they play anything like they did against the Als last week, Esks will not have a chance.

But anything could happen, Ray might actually light it up, would not bet on it

The only way Lulay spends a lot of time on his butt is if the Esks offence can keep the ball for 40+ minutes, but seeing as how we get Hyde more often than Jekyll, that's not going to happen.

I really thought this was going to be the civilized rivalry this week. :lol:

I think I am going to be rooting for the Eskimos now that my Als are gone. I like a lot of Esk players, from Ricky Ray and Jerome Messam to T.J. Hill (ex-Al), and I am happy to see Kavis Reed and Marcus Crandell enjoying success as coaches. And the Esks this season are big-time vindication for coach Stubler, who should never have been fired from the Argos in the first place. Give the guy fresh young talent, not aging veterans, and he will put together a good D.

My biggest concern is that Jerome Messam might not even play. How can the Eskimos possibly do without their 17 yard man?

But in all honesty, like I've mentioned before trying to draw a psychological edge by comparing this year's lions to 2005 or 2007 is silly. Anyone who watches the Lions closely knows that couldn't be further from the truth.

I don't think Edmonton will last with the Lions if this game is a battle of the trenches or a shootout. Therefore, I believe the Lions need to be aware that the longer they allow the Eskimos in the game, the worse off for them. Edmonton is a blue-collar team that can win dirty, so don't overlook them. But as long as they come prepared and play like they've been playing, they'll be fine.

Edmonton winning dirty over the choir boys in B.C… Say it ain’t so Aaron.

Lions will win this one but it's going to be a close one. Lulay is the real deal and Ray doesn't have the receivers the Lions have.

So I’m not the only one saying it? :wink:

As long as the league allows it, it is a moot point.

Not sure where you see that, the Eskimos have 3 receivers in the top 11 in the league the Lions 1. Add to that the Eskimo starting receivers missed more games to injury than any other team. I would say the exact opposite is true.

You make it sound like Edmonton was the only injury ravaged team in the CFL. All teams had to deal with the injury bug. In fact, things got so bad for us last time we played you (Oct. 29), we had to coax WR Ryan Thelwell and LB Neil McKinlay out of retirement just so we'd be have enough non-imports! Sheesh!

I assume you must mean the vocal pipes of 40,000+ strong fans all screaming, yelling, and making noise when the Esks are on offense? :wink:

Or the well-known tape-recording of same. :twisted: (They probably recorded it at Mosaic Stadium :rockin: )


No team had near the injuries to the starting receivers than Edmonton. Not even close.