West Final: Esks @ Stamps

I could not find any numbers.

However, looking at the Ticket Master Map, I would guess that it is just over 3/4 full.

Most of the seats left are high up or end zone corners.

All this time many of us thought 'Battle of Alberta' was a big deal. Sounds like its really not much more than a slogan applied by TSN.

Sad that with 1 day left, two cities of 1 million plus each (and the rural fans) can't be bothered to go buy a ticket to go outside to watch some amazing pro football.

C'mon Alberta! Pack that park!
This is the playoffs!

Because it will be so nice as far as + 8 , I expect good Saturday sales a large Sunday game day walk up.

OK, I am off to the West Final.

Perfect conditions for game day.

I am nervous but confident.


Wife has plans for us tonight so I'm watching the game when I get home.

Enjoy all, hope it's a good game.

Interesting helmet choice by the Eskimos

Its going to be hard to be as good and exciting as the game that just finished

Unless of course if the esks win!!! GO ESKS GO! Big TD

This one is going to be a barnburner, perfect weather for this time of year in Calgary and Edmonton just stuck it to the Stamps with that drive.

Impressive run by CJ Gable.
Quite a bit of confidence jumping to the outside on a third down gamble. And the Eskimos look impressive on that opening drive

I like the Esk helmets surprisingly just hated the jersey that went with it . Glad they are going traditional uniform with the special large font E green helmet.

Great run by Gable .

Shades of the wpg game , no one near walker!!!!!

problem is, the esks always start this way and then for whatever reason, seem to go to sleep until the need to wake up again with 3minutes left in the game

Absolutely clinical start by the Eskimo offense!
Who are these guys? The 81' Eskimos?

True. The second and third quarters have not been kind to the Esks this season. (and sometimes even part of the fourth)

Clinical, perfectly described EVM so far for the Esks.

I think it was Reilly who said after jones left the esks and Maas became head coaach of the green and gold that the esks were a team built for multiple Grey Cups

what if the colours were reversed on these helmets? green on gold?

Might work would like to see it .

wow, scary didn't think he got the yard