West Final: Esks @ Stamps

Like your analysis PW - those should be Suitor's game notes - but then he (or Uncle Milty) couldn't fill an hour of pre-game yap.

My final

Stampeders - 27
Eskimos - 26

If weather is brutal - subtract 10 pts from each team

:o ;D

I've got to agree BUT....

If Jerome Messam [Calgary] is on his game and Calgary can establish a solid run game the guy can be unstoppable. If Mitchell [QB for Calgary] is on his game Calgary may walk all over Edmonton.

Having said that, I agree that Reilly may make the difference. This guy has taken more hits in a game than a Mexican piñata. And he keeps getting up.

Both teams have got some great talent. We may be looking at a real low scoring battle or the gates will open up.

It may also come down to key injuries during the game or dumb penalties or a combination of both. Can't wait to see this match up. I'm hoping for an Edmonton/SSK Grey Cup matchup if the final season game between Edmonton and SSK is any indication.

I will remind everyone there are 2 games this Sunday.

All the talk is Argos - Riders.

Lets get this thing going.

Where is the banter between us and those Esks fans ?

Hello Alberta rivalry.

Weatherwise, Sunday will be the nicest day of the week
Should be some wind(30kph) to contend with.
This should be a doozy of a game!

Maybe people are getting behind the game that needs to succeed.

Eskimos/Stampeders? Please, it’s a given this will have a huge crowd and both teams and their fans will be pumped for a game against their provincial rivals.

I’ll be shocked if the atmosphere is not electric for the start of this one.

I'm not one for trash talking other fans teams because it always bites me in the ass. Plus, my Stamps usually choke in the big game. Not a pessimist here, just a realist. Besides, Reilly, Gable and company are on a roll right now. And, did i mention that BO DON'T RUN!!!! so the Eskies will have a field day on defense because numb nuts won't leave the pocket which is a gift if you are the defensive coordinator. The only question is just how many steamboats can Calgary's O-line give Bo before he's sacked or throws the ball away.

Is game sold out?

Man - it's quiet in here.

There will be lots of chatter game day. Looking forward to this game as much as my Argos crushing the Riders. :wink:

I love overconfidence.
In others 8)

Lots of tickets still available for Esks/Stamps matchup on Sunday. Just went online and you can grab 10 seats in a row, Section F, Row 53, Seats 11-20 for $649 all in. ($55 per + surcharges etc). These are midfield, 50 yd line according to the seating chart and the virtual image provided via Ticketmaster.

C'mon 'Battle of Alberta' fans!
Sell the place out and get off the couch on Sunday.

What is there to lose? A little pride on an internet message board?

I'm all in. GO ARGOS GO!!!!!!!!!!!

You make a good point. I think it's a great matchup on Sunday and two 38yr old QBs adds to it.

Old guys rule!

Banter is not trash talk.

Somebody call the SPCA.

Quick Six is going to be over worked and played out.


See ? kinda like that.

Was that as painful to say as it is to read?

Like that?

Seriously tho - I'm hoping for an epic battle in Calgary on Sunday and very busy x-ray departments

More banter / trash talk.

In this game the Esks will be the ones getting LICKED.

Not the STAMPS.

doesn't unwanted licking equal sexual harassment or assault ?

Sunday forecast is SUNNY and + 8 C

For our US friends on this site, that is + 46 F

Weather will not be an excuse for fans not to show.

Would be nice to see a crowd of Albertans at the Battle of Alberta

Any updated ticket counts yet?