West Final: Esks @ Stamps

The Battle of Alberta!

The Stamps beat the Esks 39-18 at home on Labour Day.

The Stamps beat the Esks 25-22 on the road, the following week.

The Esks did beat the stamps 29-20 at home, week 19.

FWIW, the Stamps won the preseason game on the road 36-35.

Now, for the most important game of the season series. Who's gonna win?

Stamps by 11+

Should be a tight one. I like the Esks to take it by 7 next week. Rielly improved towards the end of the season while Mitchell regressed and has looked off for much of the season.

I am getting my ticket on Monday.

I need to do my part and support.

As much as I would love to watch the Argos blow out the Riders on tv, I will just record the second half.


On paper this is one equal match up . Looking forward to a well played game with some strong defences and explosive offence .

Just hope field conditions are good. Will be close!!!!!!!!!!!

Edmonton VS Toronto Grey cup!!! 2 best teams in CFL

I love alcohol too

Edmonton, - rider. Grey cup. Take it to the bank.

As a Stamps fan I hate to admit this but I believe the Eskimos are a better team right now. Plus, the Stamps are notorious choke artists and have a QB that will not run the ball even with the game on the line. Unlike Reilly who is a true CFL QB in my mind and could be the difference.

No go Bo will be the nail in the coffin once again.

OH ye of little faith.

Think positive.

I have a bit more faith in the Stamps than some of their fans (see above).
Stamps won't roll over 'n die in the 2nd half like O'Shea's disciples did.

They're a well-trained and coordinated troupe of men, far more depth and defensive talent than the bombers.

Better head coach, better o-line, better WRs (by far) and obviously a far more aggressive and at times more conservative defense.

I'll give the bombers credit - Mercury Matt Nichols (playing with a broken finger and gassed calf muscle) has had a slightly better season than Pope Levi Mitchell. Neither are Supermen like Reilly though.

Weather conditions could play a big part in both finals this weekend.

Bitter cold weather with some whipped up winds could favour the dink 'n dunk offense proferred up by Mitchell & Dave Dick

In Toronto the Riders chances rest with how well Kev Glenn comes out of the chute. If he has 3 to 5 poor to mediocre series to open the match, Chris Jones will pop the hatch and unleash Bridge on the Argos.

I remember my first beer too. :wink:

and here I made the mistake of thinking you were talking about Calgary.

Long term forecast is looking good. Can't wait for Sunday.

I never remember my first beer or the last one either. ;D

Do I need to remind you of the recent past Stampeder gag fests in big games lol

I believe it will be Reilly that comes up with a crucial 1st down run late in the game that will be the difference maker, a run that Bo would never consider. If its at all cold Bo is hooped. He reminds me of my little french bulldog when i boot him out in to the cold, he just stands on his rear legs screaming let me in!!!!!!
Reilly seems to relish the cold and the opportunity to run. No Stampeder player has aggravated me more than Bo since Fraser. I hope I'm wrong but...........................

Watch Mitchell, if he throws a bad pass he'll blame the route runner.

. . . and head coach Dave Dick will blame BOTH - but focus most of his anger on his OC while covering his lips with the game sheet

I know the Stamps struggled down the stretch after they had the league regular season wrapped up.
But, the stamps defense is still one of the best, and Edmonton's is hit or miss (Front 7 are great, but no sold on secondary).

Reilly is rolling, but I think last years Grey Cup loss will get the Stamps back on track.

Offence: Slight edge to Eskimos
Defence: Stamps
Special: Stamps

Stamps 27 Eskimos 20

...dickenson IS the OC numbnuts...