West Final: Eskimos at Stampeders, Sun. Nov. 23, 4:30 pm et

Western Final: Eskimos at Stampeders
Sun 4:30PM ET / 1:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN4 and TSN5

The Battle of Alberta culminates in this clash for the West title and a berth in the Grey Cup. If Cornish can play at a high level and Mike Reilly is hampered by his injured foot, I don't see how Calgary loses this unless they self-destruct. Nonetheless, you can never rule out anything when it is November football between these two clubs!

Oski Wee Wee,


More food for thought in advance of the West final:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/eskimos-defence-keyed-in-on-stampeders-rb-cornish-for-western-final-1.140487]http://www.tsn.ca/eskimos-defence-keyed ... l-1.140487[/url] << Edmonton focuses on the cement truck that's a-comin' [url=http://www.tsn.ca/video/eskimos-ready-for-battle-of-alberta-1.141291]http://www.tsn.ca/video/eskimos-ready-f ... a-1.141291[/url] << The Eskimos and their expectations for the big game [url=http://www.tsn.ca/video/mitchell-treating-first-playoff-start-like-any-other-game-1.140503]http://www.tsn.ca/video/mitchell-treati ... e-1.140503[/url] << Bo Levi Mitchell gets ready for his first playoff start as Stampeder QB

Oski Wee Wee,


The kickoff is now.

A big Mitchell-to-McDaniel strike and it is 7-0 Calgary.

Oh yeah.. .there is a mere formality of who the hell we are playing!!


I prefer our matchups against the Eskimos, frankly.

I look for the repeat of.. making it to the GC... losing, then making it BACK to the GC the following year and beating Calgary handily!


21-1 Calgary. Edmonton is looking up at the lights!

Well there is a REAL butt-kicking going on in Calgary right now and the Horses are doing all the kicking. Looks like it could be a Calgary-Hamilton match up - JUST for you HTD! :smiley:

Just means that my daughter and I will have to be mortal enemies next weekend. :x
She lives in Calgary and of course cheers for the home team. :expressionless:

I agree. We did manage to beat them on home turf and we didn't manage a win over the horses although Collaros wasn't in either of the games we played against Calgary. In fact the one we lost by only 3 Masoli was the starter :o :oops:

When this Ticat team played these Alberta teams, Collaros played the entire game only once. And the Ticats won that game. In the other two and a half games, LeFevour and Masoli were in at QB. And after each of those losses against Alberta teams, I had to think that those losses could have been wins with Collaros in at QB.

But since Calgary leads 29-4 at the half, it looks like it'll be a rematch of the 1999 Grey Cup, in the same building. It is said that no lead is safe in the CFL, but...

It's 36-4 Calgary, midway through the third quarter. If there is a fork nearby, it's about to be stuck. LOL

I agree. I don`t think there is ANY way that the Stamps can lose this one with a 32 point lead half way through the 3rd. (OK EE just scored a TD) Stamps are a team on a mission to win in the post season and specifically to win the Grey Cup after showing badly in it 2 years ago.

I agree that we likely would have won the Calgary game that Masoli started if Zach had been playing - maybe even if LeFevour had started instead of being tossed in late in the game. He almost won it for us as it was. Second game in Hamilton against Calgary might have been a win or at least a closer game (I think we lost by 10).

I think beating them in the GC will be a tough task and no doubt the Ticats will again be the underdog but on any given Sunday…Maybe history will repeat itself.

Finally got the game home. Got home and had to walk the dogs. What happened to the Schmoes. How did Mitchell get 300 yards passing on only 10 completions?

It’s 36-18 Calgary with about 12 minutes left. There are signs of life.

Mark, it’s Cornish breaking it after receiving short passes and they have hit on some bombs because the Esks have been loading the box a lot!

It would've looked a lot better for Esks if they could've scored on that last drive to get within 11. But the Great Bowman funbled. Edmonton needs those breaks to go their way, not Calgary's way.

Esks turn the ball over on downs. Calgary leads 36-18 with 3:29 left.

McMahon is sounding just as loud as THF did. Looks like a sell out or very close to one. I noticed there was still a buy tickets tab on the CFL site a day or two ago. Anyway, good on the Calgary fans for being loud and proud too.

Thank goodness the Grey Cup is a neutral site this year for both teams.

Exactly tabbiefan as much as I'm sure the CFL would have loved the GC to be played in Toronto with Hamilton just down the road. :wink: But that's the way it is how it's done. The ratings will fall as a result I will predict. But does the league care? Nope, they get their "sold out" game regardless how many actual people show up for the game. You'll be buying "scalper" tickets for $10 bucks I'm sure with 20 minutes to game time if you hang around BC Place.

Haha I totally forgot this game was on. :oops: