West Final - Calgary at Edmonton, Sun. Nov. 22, 4 pm et, TSN

Calgary Stampeders vs. Edmonton Eskimos
Today at 4PM ET / 1PM PT on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5

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[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/grey-cup-berth-on-the-line-in-latest-battle-of-alberta%7E754986]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/video/grey-cup-be ... a%7E754986[/url] << More on the second game of today;s twin bill.

It is 8-3 Edmonton, about three minutes left in the first quarter.

Eskimos lets go kick the horses a$$ I hate them for last year and then kill Ottawa at GC sorry can't go with an east team Ottawa Hank and his boy made it very clear how much they hate Hamilton , Go Green crush th horse :cowboy:

I am listening to the Ticats post game show and keeping one eye on the game but it looked to me that Jones just tried the same trick play twice :? Looking like they are going to kick a FG and then having Lynch run up to the line of scrimmage to run and pick up the FD. First time worked like a charm - not so the 2nd time.
Stamps are fighting hard for this one - hope that they have a better fate than the Ticats.

21-12 Edmonton, late in the second quarter.

Looks like the Stamps are having a bad time out there on the field. Have not been listening but they seem to be having a hard time stopping the EE

I hope the Eskimos make it, Red Blacks vs Eskimos now that's interesting for a Ticat fan , I hate Calgary for obvious reasons !

I do not hate Calgary in spite of the GC loss last year. Our daughter lives in Calgary and is a big Stamps fan so I enjoy cheering for them when they are not playing the Ticats.
Unfortunately it looks like Edmonton is putting the (cowboy) boots to the Stamps banged up lineup. EE is definitely looking strong so maybe we should be glad that the Ticats will not be facing them in the Grey Cup (I do not think Calgary is going to win this game). Instead Hank and his buds can have the privilege of being the team blown out and embarrassed by the EE in the Grey Cup next Sunday.

Sometimes the bounces go your way and sometimes almost nothing seems to go right - Story of the Ticats and Stamps this season.

This looks like it could be a HUGE turnover for the EE -not sure why it was taking so long to even begin the review.

So they get the turnover but not the TD due to a penalty for OC :?

Not sure why that turnover wasn't a TD.. the ball never hit the ground, and the player never went down

No way Ottawa competes next week… this is clearly the Year of the Eskimo

Hard to hear with all of the crowd noise but it sounded like the Esks took an OC penalty which would negate the TD if it occurred before Lacey reached the end zone.

His OC penalty was for kicking the offensive ball out into the stands

I think Hank and friends will be lucky if the score is as close as it is in this game - and it is DEFINITELY NOT close!

Thanks I forgot about that. Not sure why it would negate the score when it happened after the score though. Not that it really matters.

My thoughts too... but at least the TSN crew explained why......... ohhhh wait... never mind

The reason the TD didn't count is because the blind zebra's whistle stopped the play before Edmonton recovered the ball. Had he not, the TD would stand, and the OC penalty yardage would be applied to the PAT or two-point conversion attempt.

Thank you

Mr Rogers finally found his neighbourhood - for 8 points. Still time but I have my doubts that Calgary can come back enough to win. At least they are not going to go down without a fight.