West Final....Bombers vs. Stamps

……Line-up /…Couple of changes…Nelson and Gauthier IN…Tompkins and Santos Knox OUT….I’m a little surprised we inserted Nelson but the guy is fast…Knox is on the one game ir and whatever is ailing him is hanging around otherwise he’d be in there…IF Nichols can manage this game like he’s been doing …we have a shot…Odds makers have us as the bad bet BUT we’ll just have to prove them wrong

Nelson is fast and Gauthier has done everything asked of him and he’s pretty efficient in a quiet way.
No mistakes/turnovers. Keep the penalties down. Control LOS. We can do it !

What impressed me last game was how we got better as the game progressed. They stopped Mr. Harris in the 1st half and then he exploded in the 2nd. All facets got better in the 2nd.


I like how O’Shea is utilizing (unknowingly or not) the old Bud Grant strategy about not showing the opposition a ton of well-oiled and great plays. With today’s technology the eye-in-the-pie boys can generate immediate film and remediate defensive holes nearly instantly.

The fact is that most CFL games, including playoffs hinge on some key plays and thats where you set your trap. Run the well-oiled unique plays (run or pass) when you need it most. Most CFL run plays result in failure (3 yds or less,fumbles, even losses). Most CFL pass plays fail - under 4 yds gained, incompletion, picks, QB sackage, clock-stopping to boot.

Obviously points are the sacred matter, followed by ball control, possession and positive turnover responsibility.

Calgary has superior coaching (far greater experience, better results over last 3 or 4 years) and far better special teams (surprisingly, the bomber teams have regressed badly the last third of season. The new kid being inserted may result in a couple breakaways but the Stamps hold all the cards here. Bomber tackling on teams also has me concerned.

QB wise - Nichols is not able to stand up to Bo Mitchell. Mitchell has superior pocket escape patterns, Nichols is usually dormy and falls to first penetration - hence O’Shea (with Nichols endorsement) might utilize Twisting Chris (Streveler) more than just 3rd and minis . . . maybe 10 to 15 reps plus some passing attempts. Calgary has to change their entire schemes with Streveler in play - they simply cannot over pursue and leave gaps in terrain.

O-lines - both teams are very good.Bombers have an edge in all-stars but Mitchell makes his o-line equal to bombers simply via escapability.

D-lines - both darn good. Couple better stars on Calgary, but this one too close to call.

Linebackers - another equal opportunity assessment. Losing Santos-Knox’s power and size makes the bombers vulnerable although Wild is an under-sized gamer, he’s still an above average CFL linebacker.

Secondaries - too close to call. Coaching will make the difference here!

Bombers have the edge at RB w/ Harris but Calgary’s imports aren’t far behind - and there’s two of them.

Receivers - early in season huge edge to the cowboys. Injuries have reduced the edge and with Wally Tarsky coming of age, one could say the bombers have a slight edge, very slight. Again, Mitchell’s timing to his medium and long threats is generally better than Nichols, hence the tightness in this area.

Coaching - edge to Dickenson

Depth - unbelievably slight edge to Winnipeg - cuz Calgary has spooned thru much of their depth to field current roster. Winnipeg has been fortunate - other than Santos-Knox (who’s obviously gone for the season) in this area.

Lankford in for Thompkins not a bad idea. Lankford gives the bombers a substantially better 2nd return threat than Demski (who’s horrible). Nelson and Fogg will also be used on returns.

Thompkins the more disciplined WR but his numbers not that good. Lankford’s versatility a slight win for the bombers!

Calgary does not have a Streveler. This is the 2nd biggest point you made, Lyle. The 1st is they also don’t have Mr. Harris.

…All in all a very good team is going to get shelved today…I’m crossing everything and hopes it’s not us…Go get em BIGBLUE

So I’ve got my bowl of hot popcorn, a cold one, that being a cherry Slush Puppie (I’m hard core; there’s none colder and sweetened with old-fashioned cane sugar to boot; nothing but the real deal for me!) and I’m ready for the big game!

Anyone else see the ball on the ground during Rogers’ 3rd TD catch?

It doesn’t matter. We had three opponents today, the media, the refs and the Calgary defence. Game over.

Ya, I saw it live and was hoping the color guys would mention it…but after another view he did seem to have control…would have been hard to overturn.

Not having JSK really hurt. Wild & Fogg were beat like rented mules tonight. It sucks cause I wanted to see Harris win one for us. He eemed to have the fire, but the OLine as a whole seemed lacking.

We have something to build on. This team could have given up with the four loses in a roll. They stuck together and made a good run. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Calgary has a really good defence but Nichols was really blah today. You just can’t be that conservative all game long.

This sort of childish whining on this board is, well, childish. I’d suggest this board be closed. It has such a low level of participation it is just pointless anyway. I’m done with it.

Go to hell. If you don’t like the truth, stay away. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE…Nobody cares about your ‘pointless’ opinions anyway.

I suggest your account be closed…what did you expect right after our team loses it’s chance to break the streak? And how could you be done with it, when you were never part of it…

Fing tourist…

The funny thing is I wasn’t whining. We did have 3 opponents. The media all week has been slobbering over BLM, as usual.
The refs comment was at us to keep away from penalties AND
The Calgary defence was our biggest enemy.

Not that I necessarily see eye-to-eye with DAN38 (even with respect to his comments on yesterday’s West Final), but you’re the fellow who responded thus to a couple of my posts:

Well this mean-spirited old white guy still has teeth.

If you want to leave, just leave. Why do you need to tell us you’re going to leave? It sounds like a transparent call for sympathy to me. Are you somehow expecting the rest of us to beg you to stay?

Well forget it. And I for one won’t miss you.


These types of troll-pests are what are commonly known as “board-killers”. They only activate their vile form of board pillage when others respond and try to control them. Best to let the mods do their job and lay down the pesticide traps!

Strong performance by the Calgary D won them the game. Our D had a solid game overall as well but in the first half when the wind was somewhat of a factor we put up 2 FGs and the Stamps finished their drives with TDs. It made all the difference.

Key turning point IMO was Streveler missing a wide open Harris in the 3rd Q. Neither team had much going for it in the second half to that point, they needed to capitalize on that and didn’t. Mind you I have no clue what Lapo’s game plan may have been. There was little to no attempt to spread the ball around the receivers. They probably could have incorporated Miller in at FB a few times to help with blocking and used Harris as a receiver or decoy more early on. Nichols dropped back to pass a lot, I don’t know the exact number of times he had to throw it away because no one was open, but it seemed like a ridiculously high number of times for a CFL game.

Tough battle, tough loss.

On to 2019. Not sure what next season is going to look like. Half the players in the league seem to be headed for FA including Reilly, Calgary potentially losing BLM and Singleton to the NFL, coaching vacancies, and a new CBA looming. The landscape in 2019 could be vastly different.

Lost a lot of respect for Dickenson with his F’in Canadians remark caught on TSN. It’s enough to make me a Redblacks fan for next weekend.

Indeed. All week Michael O’Shea was saying that football games turn on two or three key plays. Well one of those was when Chris Streveler overthrew Andrew Harris.

Another one was early in the game when Darvin Adams could not quite reach Matt Nichol’s pass in the end zone. The announcers on CJOB were saying that Adams inexplicably slowed down a bit on the play and the “fault” may not have been entirely that of Nichols. I don’t know.

What I do know is that they were both key plays that the Bombers didn’t quite make. Moreover I had both Harris and Adams in Fantasy so those two failed connections had me really upset and snarling.


…….So the walk in the wilderness continues…how many more years???

….We improved by ‘one’ on a ‘one and done’ year…After 5 years of this regime??and looking at an Ottawa club who are looking like they could put another Cup on their shelf in the same time frame…I dunno//…There could have been improvements late in the year, where we could have added a Matthews but let the other guy do it …you know the one who knocked us off… We have to address the Nichols situation…Someone said that Streveler (who is the backup) missed a wide open Harris and that was the difference in the game…Seems to me I saw our starter (Nichols) miss a wide open Adams with a badly over thrown ball in the end zone…Now there’s a game killer…Matt is not getting paid huge dollars to play that type of game…It better be addressed in the offseason…Receivers were open a lot, but they weren’t waiting for a pass in the third row of seats, where Nichols was throwing the ball on more than one occasion…Which brings me to,the guy can’t run, and has little or no escape ability in his game…Because of that he’s a dead duck in the back field and has to chuck it away…Well onward and upward I guess…something a few of our fans have been saying for 27 years and counting…More changes for 19’ and so it goes on Ad infinitum …signed ‘disenchanted’ and just about had it.