West Final - Bombers @ Stamps - Sunday 4:30 pm EST

These two teams only met twice this year, with each team holding serve at home.

The Alberta game was in late August, with the Skeeters claiming a 13 point win.

The Manitoba game was in late October, and the Bombers won that one by 8.

The rubber match has a trip to the Grey Cup riding on it.

This is usually my favorite football weekend of the season.
I’m excited.
Are you excited?
Who’s excited?? ha!

In the late season road loss, Calgary was still adjusting to new receivers and 4 defensive starters were out. Even with that we only lost because of a turnover and 8 bad minutes in the 3rd quarter.
Thems the facts

Even when you’re not team isn’t playing?

If you take away all of the winning team's best plays, the losing team could have won that game!

Says a fan of a losing team.

No way.

They would have been a winning team if you take away this and that and change something else.

Ottawa hasn't had any injures this year, you are spoiled

True, but they’d be undefeated if you take away all of their opponents’ TDs on Offence, Defence and Special Teams.

uh huh and if the Ottawa deadflats played in the west, they would be making the playoffs for the first time this year by virtue of a third place finish. How's that for "if and buts". Kinda makes it real hey??

Aw I’m just horsing around a little bit.

I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t end up Calgary 37 Winnipeg 18.

Winnipeg 16
Calgary 25


Bombers pull out a close one…The Oline & Harris continue Beast Mode 8)

Just try & stop em!

Bombers bubble pops. Calgary by 10.

What more could you ask for weather wise!

I don’t know…maybe gusty winds, some snow, -10?

You know, football weather on the prairies in Nov?

45-42 Winnipeg win in double OT. Bighill forces a turnover and Medlock hits the game winner.

Right.. your teams injuries matter and every one else's do not.

Mike O` lookin old. Need to get rid of those grey whiskers.