West Final '08...OUCH! Can you say "Labinjo"?

Don't expect to win a big one if all we can muster is a bunch of field goals.

Quarterback issues? MAYBE! Pierce 38-48 but no deep accuracy! Jackson's strip a cold QB and good D!

Play calling in the Red Zone? ABSOLUTELY! If I was the Offensive Coordinator I would take a course in gridiron creativity before I have to put my house up for sale! Ever hear of a Naked Bootleg? Tackle Eligible? Corner Fade? Play Action? Shovel Pass? Halfback Option? Anthing but the obvious....especially the way #42 was involved! Lame play calling!

Calgary didn't win this one. We lost it! Very predictable offense boys! Up and down all year. Someone's gotta go and it's not Geroy! Not yet!

The Good news! This guy Logan is poetry to watch. His moves remind me of # 15 ...Willie "the Wisp" Fleming! Let's ask Logan to stick around.

And maybe Labinjo would like a trip to B.C. After Montreal of course! ............... Ouch!

its true what you say, i remember the good days of Vic Rapp as coach, he used alot of fancy plays double reverses, fake field goals, lack of imagination they play way to safe its a game not a test. if you can;t score from the 2 yards line obviously you have no offense.

Why would he go to the west coast he signed for three years? If he continues to play like he has I would bet he will be a stamp for a long time. Wishful thinking.

La Banjo was playing alright. That guy was awesome. And I hate him. LOL

The truth is,we were outcoached.

Labinjo, the new canadian "Cam Wake"??? He is good.