WEST END ZONE NOW OPEN; approaching 40,000

WEST END ZONE NOW OPEN. Tickets are roaring towards 40,000 so the West End Zone is now open. Those tickets I believe are $ 29.

40,000 is a psychological mark. I remember in 2004 when 40,000 was announced it created a snowball effect and tickets really picked up then as people realized the game would be "an event".

In agree I remember when 40,000 was anounced,i think they sold an average of close to 4,000 a day.I don't know if they will do that this year, but if we can get 40,000 by wed,I know we will hit 50,000 anything over that will be gravey.

but i still thinks it is impossibale to sell this game out. i say 47-50.000

I think your Dad was on here apologizing for some posts you made? And I'm curious, even if you had a friend who worked at Ticketmaster, the counter agents are not able to go into the system and retrieve info on how many tickets have been sold. I've asked many times and gotten no answers.

So let's rely on the official info provided by the BC Lions please.

35,000 announced today on CKNW noon sports.

Must be close to 37,000 by know .My son is not allowed on here.And yes he was making that up about ticket sales.
I appologize