West Dominance

Well this is just getting silly. Whats going on in the east????

I thought the Argos were supposed to win the cup, the Ti-Cats were supposed to be much improved. The Als are really the only team that looks like they can compete against the west teams at the moment (I may be speaking too soon since the Riders play TO on Sun but I am betting on the best team in the league atm).

I was hoping that the east teams would have been able to help out the Riders this week and get some separation on the pack but that doesn't look to be the case. Looks like the west standings are going to have to be fought out between the west teams with out any help or hinderance from the east. Guess that is the way that it should be anyways.

There's really no comparison between the two divisions right now. I agree, this is downright silly.

Montreal should once again be the Eastern team to beat. Their offense was looking great tonite until they stopped running in the 2nd half. Their O-Line gave Calvillo plenty of time to throw. I think it was last year that he was sacked 8 times by the Lions in one game. Today they didnt pressure him much at all until the end.

The rest of the East have too many holes in too many places and the top 3 Western teams will crush them like puny girlie men.

The Montreal offence is looking dominant but the defense just seems to be no existant in the second half. Well they seem to show up in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter but by then it's too late.

Well in my sad defence, Winnipeg did beat the Stamps :slight_smile:

Maybe the Dinwiddie era will prove to be fruitful and we help out the west even more.

One things for sure I have definitely been giving my props to the western teams for at least making this thing reachable for us after we went 0-4. Thanks, the rest is on the Bombers.

Well, if the Argos win, that makes it 2 - 2.

Perfect parity.