West Dominance


Have a look at the win-loss streaks on that page - its all 2W+ for all western teams and 2L+ for all eastern teams. I hope the parity we saw for the first 2 weeks of the season returns. As much as I always wish for my riders to win - don't like to see so much disparity building.

Miller Miller your on top now but stats say killer killer! wish the Riders the best but the end may be near................

Well, to the Rider’s defence, if every team hands them the game with less thank 2 minutes left, it’s all good.

All joking aside since I can’t cheer for the Bomber’s, Roughrider’s got my vote.

looks like the west is going to go 4-0 for the second straight week.

Under perfect parity, every team would ideally finish the season 9-9. Of course, that is almost impossible because 3 classes naturally emerge in every league. Average, above average and below average. However some people have a loose definition of parity. If a 2-8 team can compete in a close game against a 8-2 team then there is parity?

Okay, 7 out of 8 after week 4, thanks to TO.

It goes back as far as the 70,s maybe more. It is a result on eastern teams overdepending on Imports/nfl cuts. Western teams have strong grass roots and minor /amature programs, . Montreal could be an exception,recently.IMHO

That's probably true in the sense that there is a culture of expectation out west. Mind you, there has not the "territorial protection" rule or whatever it was called in place for some time now so as long as teams had good canadian scouts, they have been on equal theoretical footing for some time now.

Thats a good theory. :thup: I'm not sure how true it is, but I like it!

I still want to see a Calgary Edmonton Grey Cup. Alberta will never be the same again. :lol: :lol:

"Parity" never existed this season between East and West, in any week. The West is 7 for 8 against Eastern teams.

Nothing new really, the West has been better for years now.