West Division Final Predictions

I figured, why not?

We’re down to 4 teams lets discuss the other matchup.

My gut says Fajardo isn’t right - and Winnipeg will find a way to pull this one out.

No spreads posted for either game yet but I like Winnipeg in a close one.

WPG - 20
SASK - 12

No limit to misfortune i wish on Riders but…
Can’t see Bummers duplicating formula again. They fired their bolt yesterday.

That’s probably the single biggest factor. Yesterday WPG shut down a living god who walks among us disguised as a hillbilly quarterback. I can’t imagine a rookie doing better against them in his second real game.

I want Collaros to do well, I think he will
The Collaros/Streveler combo is genius!

WPG -24
SSK - 18

Winning in Mosaic isn’t easy and the greenies will have had a week to rest and plan. However Fajardo isn’t healthy and I wonder how effective he can be if he’s in pain with every throw. At some point, it could well affect his accuracy. if Fajardo was completely healthy, then I’d say the greenies win it but i think his injury puts a dent in their chances.
The Collaros/Streveler combo won’t be a surprise. I have to say that given the report that Streveler has a broken bone in his foot, I was surprised to see him doing as much running as he did. If they can pull that off successfully again, then I think the Bombers have a chance to win but they too will be a bit travel weary and tired from playing the week before although travel to Sask is probably about as easy as it gets in the West (aside from Calgary to Edmonton). Would love to see a Winnipeg / Hamilton Grey Cup (I’m already assuming that we win) :slight_smile:
Going to be a good weekend of football once again!

I think the report of strevlers foot was to catch Calgary off guard.

It must have been a stress fracture or possibly a broken bone in one of the toes - with the right injection and bandaging, the pain could be reduced substantially, and the foot could be weight-bearing. However, if it was an ankle fracture, he wouldn’t be playing. Streveler was hobbling a bit at times during the game, so I don’t doubt he had some kind of foot fracture.

Frank Cosentino & Joe Zuger combo was fun to experience and a winning combination .

Streveler & Collaris combo is a winner …

To quote from the Sask Riders Main Fan Forum:

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11-10-2019, 08:07 PM
I have a feeling the football gods might be giving the riders a big dose of karma for the Zac trade.

We should have just left him on the 6 game.

Saskatchewan will be targeting the foot.

If the green guys can take a decent lead, Streveler won’t be much of a factor. Should be a great game.

Pretty much what I’ve been thinking. Not high scoring.

Weather doesn’t look like a major factor- 4 degrees, possible light rain, 16 km wind with gusts up to 30.

This may favour the ground game somewhat.

23 - 17 Bombers.

2019…Year of getting even…

We get even with Edmonton for beating us in 2016 Eastern Semi Final {…!!!}

Blue Bloods just plain and simple get even with the Greens at home for once beating them any way they can …

I think the Roughriders will be very hard to beat at home. I predict a close one

Saskatchewan 26, Bluebombers 20

Early reports out of SSK: Fajardo ran the first team offence at practice for the rushing plays, but he did not throw any medium-to-long range passes. Other QBs threw passes.

2 qb package.
One for handoffs, one for passing.

Hate to say it but he’s playing Sunday. Get ready for a symphony of adjectives describing Fajardo . Suitor will be out of his skull.

If Collaros outplays Fajardo, Riders management will be looking for a rock to hide under.

Chances suitor and Cuthbert get the east game?

It will all be Simoni’s fault. He ruined Collaros for the Riders and he ended up on the Bombers.

They do alternate but that won’t stop him. Saints preserve us if Riders make GC.

Home field will be too much of an advantage those Rider fans are crazy and too many of them.

Zach & Strv attack took Stamps by surprise, Riders have film and will not be surprised.
Also when’s the last time a 3rd place team made the GC…doesn’t happen often.

Riders 35
Winnipeg 27

O’Shame finds a different Dickinson to lose to…better take the Argos job…fast!