West Division Champions!

Wow, that felt good! I've waited close to 30 years to say that! :smiley:

congratulations riders its long overdue and you guys deff deserved it this year. hopefully it will be a rematch of tonight in 2 weeks!

... hopefully not jakob, hopefully not.


No it will be the same outcome in 2wks. It will be hard for any team to come in here and beat us in the west final.

yup but I feel like we owe Edmonton one

yes feels good to say it
but if we dont come out in 2 weeks and kick butt dont mean anything
As Miller said in the locker room
enjoy this but come back wednesday to start prepping for the west final

Damn right!

I want Edmonton because I wanna kick their ass back to Edmonton in a hand basket! make them regret ever stepping off the bus!

Yes 2 weeks off to get healthy! and will most likely have to face Calgary once again

well done team long time coming WOW 3 decades 3yrs was that the plan top the game off with a touchdown by szarka 33 nothing short of incredible as a lifelong fan I had tears well up in my eyes at the games ending what a feeling in that stadium it was overwhelming
I was there with my dad the last WF we hosted I was 7 yrs old we have had plenty of good and bad teams thruout those years to bring us to 09 and we have always taken the long road thru the playoffs up to 3 seasons ago and the last time host a WSF was like about 18 or 20 yrs ago before that so hats off once again to the team as a whole and of course congrats to our 13th man we all deserve this
2 more for all the glory and we can do this WF in our house that will be a mad mean house to come and play and calgary where after all is sasks second home field yes folks all slides in our direction so is it our fate again this year I sure hope so
go green go :smiley: :lol: :smiley: :lol: :smiley: :lol: :smiley: :lol: